Personal Odyssey

Choose from a variety of traditional classes, including Anthropology, History, Foreign Language, Political Science and more.


The cost is $195 per course within the Personal Odyssey curriculum. The cost includes a University of Tulsa identification card. The ID card is necessary to check books out of the University library and to use the Computer Resource Center. Students will not, however, be able to access the University’s database off campus.

Click here for more information about purchasing an ID card.

If you are an alumnus, enroll in two or more classes, or are age 65+, you will receive 10% off your enrollment fee. 

Drop/Add Policy

January 20, 2015 is the deadline to enroll or to change your enrollment. You may withdraw until this date and receive a full refund. You may add an additional class or switch your enrollment to another course until this date. Refunds cannot be given after the deadline.


Frances Najera                                  Ronda Martin
Manager of Non-Credit                     Programs Administrative Assistant     
918-631-2937                                    918-631-2937

Lifelong Learning
Zink Hall
3101 East 7th Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104

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