New Student Programs

Making the transition to college can be both nerve-racking and exhilarating for students and parents. The University of Tulsa is perfectly sized to offer students new experiences and the freedom of self-discovery, while providing the comfort of a close-knit college community.


Our year-round student orientation programs are designed to help students quickly acclimate to college life and make connections that will support them throughout their time at TU.

At the Office of New Student Programs and Services, our job is to integrate new students and their families to the academic, cultural and social sides of TU.

We’re here to help and direct you, answer your questions and address your concerns.

In addition to reaching out to us anytime you need help, make plans to participate in the programs we’ve designed to help you navigate this new chapter in your lives.

New Student Orientation

The best stories have great beginnings. Start yours off right with our four-day student orientation program, StartTU.

You will find information about campus life, discover services to help you succeed academically, and likely make some lifelong friendships along the way

Register for the free program at ‘CaneLink.


ImpactTU is a fall leadership program for first-year students at The University of Tulsa. Check out the details on the events calendar.

This six-week institute highlights key challenges leaders face as they transition to college. Our weekly programs include group discussions, presentations by students and campus leaders, prizes and a free meal.

Students can expect to learn more about ImpactTU during orientation and the first weeks of the new semester.