Get Informed


The Alliance maintains a strong media web presence. The Alliance’s Facebook page is updated regularly with information for students related to topics including but not limited to: rape myths, various forms of interpersonal violence, unique populations affected by violence, and campus, local and national resources for those impacted by violence. Like the iStand Facebook page.

Prevention Programming for Student Leaders

In fall 2013, members of TITAN, with the help of other Alliance members, created and facilitated prevention programming for undergraduate Orientation Leaders (OLs) and Resident Assistants (RAs). This programming focused on educating OLs and RAs about sexual violence and bystander intervention, and sought to equip them with information that they could then pass on to the undergraduates with whom they work.

The VIBe

The Violence Intervention Booklets (VIBe) provide information about various forms of interpersonal violence and useful on-campus and community resources for individuals who may experience, or know someone who has experienced interpersonal violence. These booklets were created in 2013, and continue to be distributed across campus.

Click HERE for a copy of the VIBe booklet.