Controversy over reserve deputy’s training 20 April 2015

Reserve deputy who shot Eric Harris may not have been properly trained.

Nathaniel Beckemeyer
Student Writer

“Citizenfour” screening Q&A offers insight on Snowden scandal 20 April 2015

On Friday, the Circle Cinema hosted a screening of Laura Poitras’ “Citizenfour.” The screening was followed by a Q&A.

Nate Gibbons
Student Writer

History in the making: Women’s tennis wins first AAC title 20 April 2015

The women’s tennis team added to the Golden Hurricane’s conference titles, with a win over the University of Houston in the American Athletic Conference Tournament.

Matt Rechtien
Sports Editor

Men’s tennis takes second in conference 20 April 2015

The men’s tennis team made it to the American Athletic Conference championship game, but fell to defending champion South Florida Bulls.

Mason Morgan
Student Writer

Fight night; wrestling in Tulsa 20 April 2015

An article that needs no intro.

Jesse Keipp
Business Manager

A look inside TU Athletics’ marketing department 20 April 2015

Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing Katie Thompson addresses TU Athletics’ problems.

Jesse Keipp
Business Manager

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    Satire is meant to criticize and bring attention to a real situation, but Student Writer Hannah Kloppenburg warns that “The Interview” is so ridiculous in general that the casual viewer may not realize how much of the movie’s portrayal of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is actually real.

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