TU 4 Bernie Sanders denied charter by SA 5 October 2015

For the first time in recent memory, SA Senate has voted against chartering a group.

Brennen VanderVeen
Student Writer

Erasure of trans POC in “Stonewall” is unacceptable 5 October 2015

Credit for the Stonewall movement should be given to the trans people of color who started it rather than be represented by a fictionalized, white, cis male.

Tara Grigson
Student Writer

How crazy is the health food craze? 5 October 2015

While some people do go overboard, healthiness should never be mocked.

Morgan Krueger

Carly Fiorina: An unwise gamble for American voters 5 October 2015

Carly Fiorina’s lack of experience and questionable credentials should merit a look elsewhere.

Justin Guglielmetti
Student Writer

Carly Fiorina: An asset to the GOP 5 October 2015

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO and presidential candidate Carly Fiorina brings energy to the race.

Brennen VanderVeen
Student Writer

Pope Francis’ address to Congress a missed opportunity 5 October 2015

Pope Francis censured himself according to his audience, creating a nonconfrontational, mostly lukewarm address to the representatives of the American people.

Trent Gibbons
Student Writer

Music an effective outlet for Pope’s message 5 October 2015

Pope Francis’ new album is a modern and effective method for reaching out to young people and inspiring them to take action.

Taisei Igarashi
Student Writer

Pope’s new single isn’t quite next to godliness 5 October 2015

The Pope’s first single provides inoffensive novelty, but little else in terms of musical merit.

James Whisenhunt
Student Writer

Twenty One Pilots provide “TØP”-tier entertainment 5 October 2015

Tulsa’s Brady Theater came alive last Tuesday night as the creatively energetic musical duo, Twenty One Pilots, delivered a lively show accompanied by two openers, Finish Ticket and Echosmith.

Sara Douglas
Student Writer

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    Two more wins give TU best start in history

    With two shutout victories this week against Missouri State and Central Arkansas, the Golden Hurricane women’s soccer team is off to the best start in school history at 6–0.
    Joseph Edmunds

    TU tuition scheduled to increase fall 2015

    Tuition at the University of Tulsa is going up. That helps to cover a high operating budget, but also inconveniences some students. This increase follows a 27-year trend.
    Nathaniel Beckemeyer

    “Paradise Now” shows suicide bombers’ humanity in a heavy-handed fashion

    Pizza and Politics, an event sponsored by the Department of Political Science, recently screened “Paradise Now,” a Palestinian film about suicide bombers fighting Israeli occupation.
    Trent Gibbons

    Frogbelly and Symphony all over the place

    “Bright Blue Ow Sleep” is a new album from indie band Frogbelly and Symphony. While the band has some inherent talent, it’s mostly frittered away while they try to do too many things at once.
    Adam Lux

    The hidden meanings of the presidential logos

    Sam Beckmann, despite knowing absolutely nothing about graphic design, decides to take at look at presidential campaign logos.
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