Anti-violence programming becomes a fixture at TU 9 March 2015

This school year, campus organizations from the student-run SAVE to the Collins Fitness Center have put on anti-violence programs.

Nikki Hager
Editorial Consultant

Why alienate non-English speakers? 9 March 2015

Bill would outlaw bilingual education, non-English permit tests, and more.

Conor Fellin
Managing Editor

Common inspires despite overlooking social issues 9 March 2015

Common, an award-winning hip-hop and rap artist, spoke Friday about “Greatness,” but not the billed “variety of topics, ranging from social issues and current events to challenges on the horizon.”

Fraser Kastner
Satire Editor

Charlie Hebdo’s Old Testament streak 9 March 2015

How René Magritte, William Hogarth and the Book of Exodus illuminate contemporary satire.

Kyle Walker

Basketball falls to Cincy, SMU; takes second place in conference 9 March 2015

The Golden Hurricane was playing for first in both games this past week. Unfortunately, it fell short and finished in second.

Matt Rechtien
Sports Editor

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    TU suspended student without hearing, failed to present evidence to accused

    Trey Barnett was suspended last semester for Facebook posts written by someone else. He was never provided with a hearing. Editor-in-Chief Kyle Walker and Managing Editor Conor Fellin report.

    From Veracruz to Tulsa: One man’s story

    Ivan Godinez is an immigrant advocate and highly active with DREAM Act Oklahoma. Ivan came to the United States illegally with his mother when he was 14 from Veracruz, Mexico. Here is his account of his journey from Mexico to Tulsa. This story has been edited for clarity and brevity.

    Little Blue House’s Wachowski promoted to director

    Jennie Wachowski took over as interim director of United Campus Ministries last fall. This semester she has been officially promoted to executive director. Student Writer Kayleigh Thesenvitz reports.

    Okla. should not neuter Open Records Act

    Oklahoma’s House of Representatives currently faces a bill that would allow government officials to be much more selective about which documents the public can view.
    Conor Fellin

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