English Institute (Language Requirement)

The English Institute for International Students (EIIS) is an academically oriented, Intensive English Program (IEP) for college-bound students at the University of Tulsa. It is the goal of the program to provide international students with the necessary English-language skills and competence to successfully perform at a post-secondary level comparable to their native English-speaking counterparts. The EIIS is administered within the framework of the University of Tulsa’s Office of International Student Services (ISS), an operation of the Office of Admission, and all classes are taught in campus facilities. All applicants must have been granted conditional admission to the university for the purpose of seeking an undergraduate or graduate degree.

You may contact the English Institute at 918-631-2535.



Mission Statement

It is the mission of the English Institute for International Students to prepare international students for success at the University of Tulsa. The purpose of the institute is to provide English-language instruction in an academically oriented context in order to serve students’ immediate goals of pursuing higher education within the United States. Instructional content emphasizes critical thinking, academic integrity, and test and study skills, coupled with cultural understanding and social activities that will strengthen students’ ability to participate in the cosmopolitan environment of the university.

Program Organization

The EIIS is organized into five levels of study ranging from elementary to advanced levels of proficiency. All incoming students are required to take the Michigan Placement Exam, the results of which determine their appropriate level of placement. Students are required to take all classes within a single course level regardless of higher demonstrated achievement in a particular skill area. Course sessions are conducted over a period of eight weeks, of which seven are dedicated to in-class instruction. Final exams are given in the eighth week of each session for all levels in order to assess students’ achievement of learning outcomes.

Classes meet weekly from Monday to Friday, and daily classes include instruction in the functional areas of Reading, Writing, Structure (grammar), and the combined skills of Listening and Speaking. Levels four and five are required to take an additional course focusing on assessment and study skills, particularly those pertaining to the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Students in levels one through four are required to attend a regular language laboratory class four days a week to work on computer-based exercises supplementary to the general curriculum. Students are given access to the language laboratory classroom outside class hours to continue relevant course work.

Admission to EIIS

In order to be admitted to the English Institute, a student must have academic admission to the University of Tulsa. A list of admission requirements can be found here.

Session Schedule

EIIS offers eight-week sessions throughout the school year. The dates for each session are as follows:

Fall 2015
August 20 Institutional TOEFL
August 21 Placement Exam
August 24-October 15 Classes
October 16 Placement Exam
October 19-December 17 Classes
Spring 2016
January 7 Institutional TOEFL
January 8 Placement Exam
January 11-March 3 Classes
March 4 Placement Exam
March 7-May 5 Classes
Summer 2016
May 20 Placement Exam
May 23-July 14 Classes


In order to be considered for admission to EIIS, students must submit the following information:

  • A properly completed application for international students
  • A $50 application fee (non-refundable)
  • Proof of completion of a secondary school program with transcripts
  • A properly completed and certified Confirmation of Financial Resources form
  • A copy of your passport

Accurate submission of all the above material is essential to enable the admissions office to process your application in a timely manner.


Tuition $2,795 $13,975
International Fee $72 $360
Health Insurance $271 $15,689
Books $320 $1,600
Housing * $1,522 $7,612
Food ** $1,207 $6,037
Personal Expenses $754 $3,770
Total Living Expenses $3,803 $19,019
Total Tuition, Fees & Living Expenses $6,941 $34,708

Estimated expenses are in U.S. dollars.

* Cost is based on a double room in William F. Fisher – cost is per student

** Cost is based on a university meal plan with 17 meals per week (plus $275 Dining and Game Day Dollars)

English Institute students must provide proof of private health insurance or purchase the eight week Aetna health insurance plan provided through the University of Tulsa. Students should understand that the Aetna plan is valid only for the eight weeks of the session they are currently enrolled in.

Students who will bring a spouse and/or children with them to the U.S. must provide the following information for each person so we may include them on your immigration document:

  • Full name
  • Relationship
  • Date and Country of Birth