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2017 Faculty Development Summer Fellows announced

Janet A. Haggerty, TU vice provost for research, is pleased to announce the 2017 Faculty Development Summer Fellowship recipients:

Danny Arthurs, Music
Maria Carreon, Chemical Engineering
Matteo Dalla Riva, Mathematics
Fahim Forouzanfar, Petroleum Engineering
Timothy Hart, Management and Marketing
Jennie Ikuta, Political Science
Gaurav Kampani, Political Science
Roger Kollock, Kinesiology
Sandeep Kaur Kuttal, Computer Science
Angus Lamar, Chemistry / Biochemistry
Gabriel LeBlanc, Chemistry / Biochemistry
Jun Lu, Petroleum Engineering
Danielle Macdonald, Anthropology
Alicia Odewale, Anthropology
Svetlana Orlova, Finance, International Business, Operations Management
Keija Parssinen, English
Li Sun, Accounting
Paulo Tan, Education
Bethany Theiling, Geosciences
Peifen Zhu, Physics and Engineering Physics

Success in this competition speaks well for the applicants’ proposals and for their colleagues’ confidence that they will make significant contributions to the scholarship in their fields.

Congratulations to all!