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Top 4 reasons to join utulsa connect

There is no better time to find a mentor on utulsa connect! Our exclusive TU mentoring platform now has over 703 available alumni mentors from 38 states and 11 countries. We are incredibly excited to continue improving this program to meet the needs of our students as we prepare to close out the academic year! Here are 4 reasons to sign up for utulsa connect:  

1. You can never have too many connections 

Expanding your network is one of the most effective ways to maximize your professional development. Connecting with multiple mentors on utulsa connect will help open doorways to career opportunities that you never even knew existed! 

2. It’s completely free 

This amazing platform is available to you at no cost! The alumni mentors on the platform have all offered to give their time to support the student body, but they are waiting for you to request their help. Why not take advantage of the opportunities that are possible on utulsa connect? 

3. We did the hard work for you 

Want to join, but don’t think you have the time to find a mentor? We’ve got you covered! With our matching feature, utulsa connect will review your profile and provide you with the mentors that best align with you. After that, it’s as simple as reaching out to your mentor! 

4. Time commitment is minimal 

On utulsa connect, mentoring does not require a substantial time commitment. A mentor-mentee relationship can range from 10-minute informational interview to a blossoming friendship. The time commitment is completely up to you!

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