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5 myths of using utulsa connect  

With hiring season approaching, students should exercise every opportunity to land that perfect job or internship. TU alumni are deeply invested in hiring TU students, and utulsa connect is the best avenue for connecting with mentors that will expand your network and introduce you to important career connections. At this moment, we currently have over 700 alumni on the platform waiting to hear from you! 

In our efforts to launch the platform, we have discovered some confusion among the student body regarding the purpose and use of utulsa connect. To helanswer any questions, we have identified five popular myths.  

Myth #1: utulsa connect will automatically connect me with a mentor 

While the platform does have a matching feature, which will suggest potential mentors for you, utulsa connect will not auto-match you to a specific mentor. It is up to you to initiate the first contact with your mentor. Each mentor is ready and willing to support TU students and is waiting for your connection!  

Myth #2: Having a mentor requires a large time commitment 

The time commitment involved in receiving mentorship is completely dependent upon you, the student. Mentorship can range from a blossoming friendship to a simple 10-minute phone call to learn more about working in a specific industry. There are no limitations to using the utulsa connect platform! 

Myth #3: I can only have one mentor on the platform 

This platform is focused on making career connections and maximizing the networking and professional development opportunities of our students. Therefore, students are not limited to only one mentor. Students can have as many mentors as they would like on utulsa connect! 

Myth #4: utulsa connect is a job placement platform 

The purpose of utulsa connect is to MAKE CONNECTIONS. By seeking mentors and broadening your network, you are naturally increasing your likelihood of landing a desired job or internship. 

Myth #5: I need to be a student to have a mentor 

We understand that professional development does not end at graduation. In fact, your professional journey is just beginning when you walk across that stage! TU alumni are not only eligible to serve as mentors, but can also seek mentoring opportunities!

Visit utulsaconnect.com to join today!