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Abigail Chellis

Abigail is a mechanical engineering major at The University of Tulsa and just completed an internship at Phillips 66.  She is currently pursuing full-time employment with Phillips 66 after graduation.  Below, she describes her journey as a student seeking an internship.

Getting Started

One of the most crucial aspects of preparing and searching for an internship was the utilization of job fairs. It gave me the opportunity to talk to several different companies and presented a broad range of internships from which to choose. Through those conversations with representatives, I scheduled several interviews with the companies that caught my attention and potentially lined up with my goals.

Interview Preparation

When preparing for the interviews, I researched the companies’ websites and looked up their current media features to get a grasp of what the company had done and their core values. In addition to my own research, The University of Tulsa Career Services assisted in printing my resumes and providing interview support. They were a great help and played a huge part in the interview preparation.

Reviewing Opportunities

As it came time to review all opportunities, I had to be specific about what it was I wanted from an internship and what I wanted it to look like. For me, it was important to have a company with a good location and that would give me projects that went beyond typical intern work. I wanted to add real value to the business while I was there. But most important to me, I didn’t want to be stuck in an office. I wanted an internship that was hands-on, like a refinery or something outside.

Making a Decision

With all these factors in mind, I made the decision to intern with Phillips 66. Their application process was easy and very user-friendly. I applied through Golden Opportunities and through their website. After that, I met them at the job fair, handed them my resume and they called for an interview.

Life as an Intern

The one thing that stood out to me about Phillips 66 was their workplace culture. I’d never been in a refinery before and didn’t know how everything worked. But they had no problem walking me through all the different processes and were always very patient with all my questions. The support that they not only showed me (an intern), but also their full-time employees, was reassuring and inspiring. The work assigned to me was meaningful and all the feedback was detailed, structured and helpful.

Closing Thoughts

I would encourage every student to consider interning. An internship will help you refine what you are looking for and give you insight and experience you wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s only three months of your life, which in the grand scheme of things, is not a long time. You’re not going to be able to know exactly what you want to do unless you get your toes wet. Utilize Career Services, try out different companies and find the right place for you.