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Jobs at Collins Fitness Center

Campus Recreation relies on dedicated student employees to create an environment that is safe, enjoyable and promotes well-being. Student employees have the opportunity to impact the community in the Collins Fitness Center, interacting with peers, faculty, staff and university affiliates who make up the TU community.

See the job descriptions below.

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  • Facility Attendant - 10 positions
    • Monitor access to the Collins Fitness Center and provide excellent first-contact customer service.
    • Be knowledgeable of Campus Recreation programming, activities, policies and procedures.
    • Assist building supervisor with opening and closing procedures.
    • Enforce all Campus Recreation policies.
    • Issue guest passes, receipts, liability waivers and collection of money.
    • Maintain cleanliness of the Collins Fitness Center.
    • Facilitate equipment check out and check in.
    • Report any risk management issues to the building supervisor.
    • Clean assigned fitness equipment and other facility equipment as needed.
    • Re-rack weights in the appropriate location.
    • Provide fitness equipment orientations for patrons.
    • Assist with participant registration for group fitness classes and personal training.
    • Represent Campus Recreation in a professional manner.
    • Maintain current first aid, CPR and AED certification throughout employment (training provided by Campus Recreation).
    • Other duties as assigned.
    • Wage: $9-$11.25 per hour.
  • Group fitness instructor - 10 positions

    Group fitness instructors lead members through group exercise activities. The instructor educates participants about useful and safe exercises, assists them in achieving exercise goals and creates a fun workout environment for all participants. Wage is $20+ per class, depending on certification and experience.

    Duties and responsibilities

    1. Provide safe, effective and fun Group fitness classes:
      • Greet all patrons and recognize new participants.
      • Encourage new participants and makes them feel welcome.
      • Educate participants on safe techniques and exercise guidelines.
      • Instruct class to the ability level of the members participating.
      • Monitor participants through perceived rate of exertion and body language.
    2. Demonstrate professionalism and communication:
      • Be present and accountable for all assigned classes on the group fitness schedule.
      • Secure a substitute instructor in a timely manner in the case of an absence.
      • Respond to e-mails in a timely fashion.
      • Willing and able to learn and teach a variety of formats.

    Position prerequisites and requirements

    • Must obtain CPR/AED certification before employment begins.
    • Hold a nationally recognized group fitness certification.
    • Must be able to teach at least two scheduled group fitness classes per week.

    Knowledge, skills and abilities

    • Excellent time management and organizational skills
    • Handle situations with fairness and tact
    • Make quick and accurate decisions
    • Possess excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written skills
    • Be tactful, fair, efficient and friendly when dealing with patrons and co-workers
  • Personal trainer - 5 positions

    Personal trainers deliver positive fitness experiences and quality personal training sessions leading to client acquisition and retention. Wage: $20+ per session, based on certification and experience.

    Duties and responsibilities

    1. Provide excellent personal training to University of Tulsa students and members of Campus Recreation:
      • Create a climate that supports building healthy relationships between clients and their bodies.
      • Prepare and deliver comprehensive fitness programs based on clients’ goals that include appropriate exercise selection and teaching healthy lifestyle habits.
      • Provide general nutritional information, staying within the personal trainer’s scope of practice, and refer clients to additional resources as appropriate.
      • Be knowledgeable about all of the healthy, active activities offered by Campus Recreation and refer them to personal training clients.
      • Set expectations and hold clients accountable through goal setting and assessment.
      • Demonstrate and cue safe and proper exercise technique to clients.
      • Arrive on time, prepared, enthusiastic and attentive for every training session.
      • Set an example by abiding by all Collins Fitness Center rules when utilizing the fitness floor.
      • Complete personal training log neatly and legibly for every training session with every client.
      • Maintain client records and additional documentation with the fitness administration.
    2. Maintain communication and professionalism at all times:
      • Respond to all e-mails and communication in a timely fashion.
      • Keep fitness administration informed of changes in contact information and availability.
      • Deliver appropriate levels of communication with clients outside of training sessions regarding scheduling, motivation, homework and other training-related topics.
      • Dress as a fitness professional.

     Position prerequisites and requirements

    • Hold a nationally recognized Personal Training certification from ACSM, NSCA, ACE, NASM or NCSF.
    • Must obtain CPR/AED and First Aid certification before employment begins and maintain certification throughout employment.
    • Upon review of application/resume, applicant may be invited for an audition/mock client session and interview to determine hiring.

     Knowledge, skills and abilities

    • Excellent time management and organizational skills along with interpersonal, verbal, and written skills
    • Ability to research and find evidence-based practices in relation to health and fitness guidelines
    • Ability to handle situations tactfully, fair, efficient and friendly when dealing with clients, patrons, and co-workers

     Additional information

    • Clients are distributed among the personal training staff based on the availability of both the trainer and potential clients, specialties and client needs and goals.
  • Intramural sports officials - 10 positions

    The intramural sports (IMS) official shall officiate and/or keep accurate records of contests on a nightly basis. The official is responsible for learning the rules for all sports he/she officiates. The official is charged with maintaining orderly conduct on the court or field. The official will be required to be able to communicate calmly and effectively with upset patrons while remaining upbeat and positive throughout the situation. The IMS official must be prepared to work in an athletically demanding environment and be dressed accordingly.

    Wage: $9-$11.25 per hour

    General responsibilities and requirements

    1. Represent the IMS program in a positive and professional manner.
    2. Communicate effectively with participants and fellow IMS staff.
    3. Arrive at work by the time designated by the schedule.
    4. Positive and upbeat attitude day in and day out.
    5. Willing to give and take constructive criticism and learn from mistakes.
    6. Able to keep a cool head in the worst of situations with participants and staff.
    7. Conflict management skills.
    8. Decision-making skills.
    9. Be proactive when dealing with situations.

    Specific responsibilities

    1. Submit to periodic evaluations, both written and verbal.
    2. Maintain an active email account that you check on a daily basis and respond to emails in a timely manner.
    3. Maintain an active WhentoWork account and keep availability updated on a weekly basis.
    4. Locate team captains, sign in players and check eligibility of team members prior to start of contest.
    5. Penalize and document unsportsmanlike conduct by players, coaches or spectators.
    6. Ensure that game equipment functions properly and that games are played under safe conditions. Report any needs to the supervisor on duty.
    7. Be willing to assist as needed in emergency situations.
    8. Know and enforce all policies, rules, and procedures.
    9. Deal courteously and consistently with IMS staff, fellow officials, participants and spectators.
    10. Set up venue as needed with proper equipment.
    11. Sign in participants and enforce policies regarding IDs, equipment and jewelry.
    12. Clean playing areas of visible trash prior to leaving for the night.
    13. Take responsibility for all IMS equipment and ensure its safe use and safe return.
    14. Strive to maintain positive public relations; answer questions from participants or direct them to supervisor.
    15. Display positive sportsmanship while participating.
    16. Other duties as assigned.
  • Climbing Wall Attendant - 8 positions
    • Control access to the Collins Fitness Center climbing wall.
    • Explain and demonstrate correct usage of climbing equipment and facility features.
    • Demonstrate and teach proper spotting techniques.
    • Monitor climbing area to ensure climbers and spectators adhere to safety procedures.
    • Maintain the cleanliness of the climbing area and Collins Fitness Center.
    • Inspect climbing surface, climbing area, and equipment and report any maintenance concerns.
    • Open and close climbing wall for daily operation.
    • Be knowledgeable of Campus Recreation programming, activities, policies, and procedures.
    • Enforce all Campus Recreation and climbing wall policies.
    • Report any risk management issues to the building supervisor.
    • Represent Campus Recreation in a professional manner.
    • Maintain current first aid, CPR and AED certification throughout employment (training provided by Campus Recreation).
    • Other duties as assigned.
    • Wage: $9-$11.25 per hour