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Harvey is our learning management system powered by Blackboard.  Harvey stands for “Hurricane Academic Resources Virtually EverYwhere”.

You may find links to harvey on our website but the quickest way to find him is to type his address in the browser.

Harvey’s address:  harvey.utulsa.edu/ultra

Login: campus users login with your TUNetID while guests login with a provided harvey username


Staff and enrolled students are automatically loaded as users into Harvey.  This is a batch process, however, and currently takes overnight.

Students are automatically added to their enrolled courses beginning 24 days prior to the term start date. This is a batch process and run multiple times a day during the drop/add period.  If you need students in your course earlier than the 30 days email Janet and provide the courseid and section.

Students will not be able to see the course, however, until the term start date.

Where are my courses?

Course shells are by the FRC upon instructor request or prior use by the instructor.  They are typically generated a month before the spring and fall semesters end.  If you do not see your course shell or would like one please email Janet Cairns (jcairns@utulsa.edu) and provide the course number and section like EDUC-3171-01.

Sometimes “Staff” is the assigned instructor which is why you might not see your course.  WebAdvisor shows us our assigned courses; if you do not see your courses listed in WebAdvisor then they likely will not be assigned in Harvey.  Email Janet and we can take care of it.

When do the courses become available?

Courses are set to open automatically at 12:01 am on the first morning of the term.  Instructors can make it available earlier or unavailable longer by changing the start date in the Harvey Customization/Properties option.

How long are they available?

Courses are hidden from student view approximately one year after the course was taught.  As an example, courses taught in fall 18 will be made unavailable to students before fall 19 begins.  The instructor may override the availability in Customization/Properties, Availability.

At some point, old courses will be archived from the system leaving the latest version of that course available for the instructor. At this point archived courses will be unavailable to all.