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Tyrrell Hall

Tyrrell Hall is home to TU’s teaching laboratory where six state-of-the-art multimedia classrooms offer faculty an opportunity to experiment with technology and enhance classroom interactions on campus and remotely.

Tyrrell Hall is intended to serve as a teaching laboratory, and priority is given to academic course reservations. Classrooms are also available for those special events where the technology is required.  The auditorium is scheduled for special events.

Available Classrooms

Tyrrell Hall Classrooms are available for faculty use. These classrooms feature various forms of technology unavailable elsewhere on campus.

Contact Janet Cairns for details about room features.


Tyrrell Hall is available to be scheduled.  The priority is given to class-related activities who need to use the special technology.  Activities like semester-long classes, a special class to bring in a virtual guest, recording an online lesson are all examples of how the classrooms are used.  Classrooms can be requested by use of non-course groups who need to use the special technologies.

To request scheduling of a room complete the appropriate form below. Your submission is added to the queue. You’ll receive an email from Janet or Matthew with confirmation and a request to schedule training.

Semester-Long Class

Complete the application to be considered to teach in Tyrrell for the next semester.  Selections are made in early November for the spring semester and early July for the fall semester.  Priority is given to faculty new to the space who are interested in teaching with the special technology.

From within the campus network, click to go to the Class Application.

Special Class

Complete the form to schedule your special class in an available Tyrrell Hall room.

From within the campus network, click to go to the Special Class Form.

Non-class related Event

While Tyrrell Hall gives priority to class-related activities, available rooms can be scheduled for those events where the special technology is required.  The auditorium is scheduled for different campus events.

From within the campus network, click to go to the Events Form.