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Explosive devices can be carried in a vehicle or by a person, delivered in a package or concealed on the roadside.

Locating a Possible Explosive Device

  1. Do not move or touch suspicious packages.
  2. Immediately remove yourself from the room of a suspicious package.
  3. Do not use a cell phone near or around a suspicious package.
  4. Immediately notify Campus Safety and Security by other means than a cell phone at 918-631-5555.

During or Immediately After an Explosion

  1. Always follow the instructions of local officials and Campus Safety and Security officers. Emergency services may not be on scene right away.
  2. Remain calm. If things are falling around you, get under a sturdy table or desk.
  3. If it is safe to do so, leave the area as quickly as possible. Do not stop to retrieve personal possessions or make phone calls.
  4. Once you evacuate to safety, let your family emergency contact know you are safe by texting or messaging them on social media.

If You are Inside, and Able to Evacuate

  1. Check for fire and other hazards. Stay low if there is smoke.
  2. Do not use elevators. Avoid floors and stairways that are obviously weakened.

If You are Outside

  1. Continue moving away from the area to safety.
  2. You may be the help until help arrives. If it is safe to do so, help people get to safety.
  3. If you know where people are trapped, do not attempt to rescue them as moving debris could cause further harm. Once First Responders are on scene, immediately notify them.

If You are Trapped Under Debris

  1. Use a flashlight, whistle, or tap on pipes to signal your location to rescuers. Shout only as a last resort to avoid inhaling dust.
  2. Cover your nose and mouth with anything you have on hand.

During the incident, stay informed and listen to reports generated by TU and local officials. Look for messaging from OMNILERT and SAFEZONE.

If you are unsure of a safety issue call Campus Safety and Security immediately at 918-631-5555.