Fire Safety - The University of Tulsa
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Fire Safety

Understanding and practicing fire safety is the safest way to prevent loss of life and property. Fire is a major threat to a college student’s safety.

  • Make sure a properly functioning smoke detector and / or sprinkler system is located within the residence or off-campus housing before moving in.
  • Never disable a smoke alarm or any other fire protection equipment. If the smoke alarm is beeping due to low battery, contact your Resident Assistant or landlord; never leave it without batteries for an extended period.
  • Regularly inspect your room and common areas for fire hazards. Also, inspect exit doors and windows and make sure you have a clear safe path.
  • Take every alarm seriously. Always participate in fire drills. You should practice escape routes and be aware of evacuation plans.
  • Be aware of your campus housing fire safety rules. There should never be any open flames, gas, or propane in a residence.
  • Learn to use and maintain heating and cooking appliances properly, and never leave anything cooking unattended. Microwave fires are common in college dorms, so be sure to read all labels before placing anything in the microwave.
  • Locate fire extinguishers in or near your dorm room. Seek permission from TU Housing before using extra electrical devices in the dorm room.
  • Understand how to properly notify the Tulsa Fire Department at 911.

If you are unsure of a safety issue call Campus Safety and Security immediately at 918-631-5555