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Weather Advisory

In the event of severe weather, the final decision to close the university, to cancel classes or to take other appropriate actions in response to poor weather conditions shall rest with the president and the provost or their designees.

In the case of inclement weather, the university may choose one of the following courses of action:

  • University Weather Advisory

    A university weather advisory will be issued when weather conditions are such that some employees and students could experience difficulty in getting to and from campus and/or classes. However, the majority of the employees and students would be able to maintain the normal schedule. During an advisory, classes will not be canceled and the university will continue to operate on a normal schedule (classes and work operations).

  • Only Classes Canceled

    An only-classes-canceled course of action will be taken when weather conditions are such that most students would be prevented from getting to classes safely.

    On occasion, daytime classes will be conducted, but due to weather conditions and poor visibility, night classes may be canceled. When on-campus evening classes are canceled, announcement of this decision will normally be made by 2:30 p.m. and all classes starting at or after 5 p.m. will be affected.

  • University Closure

    University closure will be declared when weather conditions are such that it would be hazardous for students or employees to attempt to go to work or class. Only weather-essential personnel will be required to be at their workstations.

  • Essential Personnel

    Selected positions within a variety of departments (i.e.: Campus Security, Physical Plant, Campus Dining Services, Environmental Health and Safety, University Housing Services, Telecommunications, Student Health Services) are designated as essential to the safe and effective operation of the campus. These positions are exempt from the provisions noted above. In the event of severe weather, employees necessary to minimal campus operations may be expected to remain at work or come to work.

    Safety of employees is essential. If travel conditions endanger the safety of an “essential” employee, the supervisor should be made aware of such situations immediately.

  • Library

    McFarlin Library and the Mabee Legal Information Clinic (law library) will remain open if other administrative offices are open for business. Based on a recommendation of the dean of McFarlin, with concurrence of the provost and dean of the College of Law, the university libraries may be open for business even when other administrative offices are closed due to severe weather.

  • Miscellaneous Items

    If severe weather requires alteration of class schedules during return to campus by students after any break, media outlets will be utilized to disseminate information on cancellations and closures.

    All questions from news media about the status of work and/or class schedules should be directed to Strategic Marketing & Communications.

    If necessary, an Incident Operations Center will be established in the Human Resources conference room during periods of severe weather.