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Catering Exemption Policy

When the Allen Chapman Student Union grants a catering exemption for on campus events held in the facility, the organization and their caterer are responsible for:

  • Liability
  • Purchases
  • Set-Up
  • Service and
  • Clean-up

There is a resultant liability for compliance

  • With reasonable food handling practices and
  • For damages from the food service

To request a catering exemption for food valued over $100 or donated by a licensed vendor, please fill out the Catering Exemption Request Form.

Both the The Union Director’s Office and Sodexo Dining Services must review and agree that a catering exemption can be granted. The organization/client must then agree to hire catering attendants (charges apply) through Sodexo to be present for on-site management as it relates to the food portion of the event.

If Sodexo Dining Services is unable to approve/provide catering attendants then the event may need to be postponed to another date.

Upon arriving at The Union, a representative must proceed to the The Union Administrative Office and floor front office) to check-in with the The Union Office Staff/Student Manager to confirm the event set-up and to make contact with the catering attendant(s) assigned to the event who will assist you with gaining access to the service area.


Delivery and/or Transportation of Food

  • Must be brought upstairs by the Service/Freight Elevator (South East corner of The Union) and second floor back Service
  • Hallway (south side of Great Hall)
  • Caterer and organization is prohibited from using the Faculty Club for any purpose
  • No food or garbage may be transported across
    • Public lobbies
    • Public stairwells or
    • Public passenger elevators
    • Meeting rooms or lounges not being catered

Decoration Policies (overview)

  • No candles or open flames (candles may be used if in vase — floating in water)
  • No confetti, glitter or particulate matter
  • No colored crepe paper or material that can bleed and stain tables, floor, wall
  • No tape or silly putty on walls, trim or floors
  • No furniture, fixtures or equipment may be moved except by student union employees

Storage Space

  • Is not available in The Union
    • Please deliver, set-up and remove ALL materials associated with the event within the times listed on the reservation agreement (event contract)


  • Please leave the facility as you found it
  • Collect debris from tables and dispose of it. Please do NOT brush it off the tables onto the floor
  • Pick-up and dispose of all trash accumulated during the event
    • Trash must be taken to the dumpster at the loading dock
    • Do NOT leave trash in the room/building or a fine may be imposed
  • Liquids must be dumped OFF-SITE
    • They may not be dumped in restrooms or the dumpster
    • No food service materials may enter the restrooms

Events held in The Union that request to have alcoholic beverages sold or served at their event(s) must utilize Sodexo Dining Services (security required – charges apply). Dispensation of alcohol must end 30 minutes prior to the end of the event.

A clean-up fee will be assessed to the organization if the The Union staff must provide clean-up services after self-catered events.

Non TU groups must utilize Sodexo Dining Services for all catering needs. The Union operates under an exclusive agreement with Sodexo Dining Services.

Additional Information

If you require additional information or require additional information regarding Catering Exemptions please contact 1894 Catering at (918) 631-2145 or email