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Decorating Guidelines

The purpose of this document is to let you know about the building’s decoration guidelines in advance so you can make the best possible use of our facility. We have developed these policies to ensure that your event will be as safe and successful as possible.


The use of open flame is restricted to the stationary use of candles in enclosed holders (glass/water) to be used as table decorations for dining.

  • Each candle must be placed inside a non‐flammable container, and the flame of the lighted candle must be below
    the rim of the container.
  • Flammable materials such as hay are not permitted in the building.
  • All decoration materials must be made from a non‐flammable material or treated and maintained in a flame retardant condition by means of a flame retarding process.


No decorations can be affixed to the walls, windows, floor, doors or any surface of the facility.

  • Decorations must be free standing or be confined to tables assigned to the event.
  • Duct/packing tape may NOT be used to affix items to carpet.


Linens must be used on ALL banquet and food service/buffet tables Linens can be rented from
‐‐ Dining Services (Blue or White) 918‐631‐2145
‐‐ ABCO 918‐583‐6557
‐‐ Party Pro 918‐622‐8102

  • Plastic linens may also be used/purchased
  • Banquet Style ‐ 60″ rounds & Serving Tables ‐ 6 ft. long x 2 1/2 ft. wide
  • When removing the table linens ‐ FOLD linen edges inwards (toward the CENTER of the table) this will keep trash/food items contained and control spilling on the carpet.


Flowers and table centerpieces are welcome.

  • Please note that flower petals may not be placed on carpet or dance floors.
  • Plants must have a container for water drainage and must be set on plastic.


Fastening to any of the ceiling areas is only allowed with prior approval from the Director or appointed representative. Some ceiling areas cannot be used. If permission is granted, the Student Union Custodial Staff should do the work, if available. At least three full business days advance notice is required. A nominal fee will be applied for staff assistance. Availability depends on scheduling requirements.


To keep our facility looking nice, advertisements, notices, and banners for events taking place in the Student Union may be displayed on the Student Union Bulletin Boards.

All advertisements must be approved by the Student Union Administrative Office before posting.

  • SIGNS are not allowed to be taped, tacked, stapled or nailed to any surface in the Student Union.
  • BANNERS with grommets may be hung from the center railing with string or a small rope. Permission to hang decorations or banners on the railing must be approved by the Student Union Staff.
  • Events that utilize LOBBY SPACE may use a table provided by the facility to display event or organizational information.
  • VIDEO MONITORS are located on the second floor of the Student Union displaying all events taking place on that day. Displays are also located outside each meeting room that will show the current event for that room.
  • If you wish to provide ADDITIONAL SIGNAGE for your event, please speak with the Student Union Staff. The facility has a few easels that may be used on the day of an event to display additional event information.


All forms of confetti, glitter, birdseed, sand, rice, and silly string are prohibited in all areas in and around the Student Union.


No may not be used in the Lobbies or near/on the stairs (tiled floors).


Decoration items that “leak” color when wet (i.e., crepe paper) or may cause discoloration of furniture, walls or floor surfaces will not be allowed.


Helium balloons are allowed in the building if they are securely anchored to a stationary object, and will not be given away or sold.

  • Helium balloons may not be given out to guests on an individual basis.
  • All balloon bouquets will need to be removed from the facility upon the conclusion of the event or deflated and placed in a garbage can.
  • The charges incurred for the removal of any balloons left behind or that float to the ceiling will be the responsibly of the sponsoring organization.


Our furniture and AV equipment are in assigned positions.

  • No furniture or decorative objects within the Student Union may be moved from their respective positions without permission.
  • No furniture or equipment may be removed from the building.
  • No additional furniture may be brought into the facility without prior approval.


Decorations may not block doors, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, emergency equipment signage, emergency exits or lighting systems.


The use of fog machines are prohibited.


No painting may be done in the facility or outside on the sidewalks or parking lots.


  • Delivery, setup, and removal of all decorations, rental items and equipment must occur within the times listed on the Event Reservation Confirmation
  • All decorations must be removed immediately following the event.
  • Storage space is not available in the Student Union
  • The loading dock must be cleared of all debris
  • Loading Dock area is for the loading and unloading of vehicles only
  • No parking is allowed at the loading dock once loading/unloading is complete

Of course, not all situations will be covered in this guide. Any questions regarding the guidelines not included here can be directed to the Student Union Administrative Staff.

CALL 918‐631‐2251 or 918‐631‐3509 – Student Union Administrative Office is located on the 2nd Floor.


Any damages or loss that occur as a result of an event(s), or caused by anyone attending the event, including non‐University caterers, vendors, volunteers, invitees to any area of the Student Union, including but not limited to damages to exterior, figures, meeting rooms, furniture and equipment are the financial responsibly of the sponsoring organization.

Please leave the facility as you found it, pick up and dispose of all trash accumulated during the event.
Cost incurred for excessive clean‐up will be assessed to sponsoring organization.

Decoration violations will result in a FEE assessment ($50.00 minimum) or actual cost of repair if higher.