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Reservation Policies Guide


Welcome to the Allen Chapman Student Union. The student union is the hub for all members of the University of Tulsa (TU) community – students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests. One of the many purposes of the facility is to serve the event-related needs of the university community and off-campus organizations.

The reservation policies included in this guide are the most commonly asked questions related to event planning. Please call 918-631-2348 or email, for additional information, questions and rates.

The reservation policies guide is written for a wide variety of users, thus, anytime the phrase “sponsoring organization” is used, it means the event planner, student organization or campus department, or the responsible person making reservation arrangements as an off campus client, alumni, or as a TU member making reservations for a non-TU event.

General Guidelines

Although some events intrinsic to the University calendar are scheduled month or even years in advance, most reservations are accepted after April 1 for the next academic year (August through July).

Recognized University groups and campus departments are provided space at no charge. University members, including faculty, staff, student and alumni, can rent facilities for non-TU functions at a sixty seven percent discount off of the room rental rates (discount does not apply to staffing and equipment charges). In order to keep space available as much as possible for student organizations and campus departments, non-TU functions are not confirmed until ninety (90) days prior to the event.

Since meeting space needs to be available to a wide campus audience, recurring events (i.e. weekly meetings, classes, etc.) may only be reserved for four (4) such recurring events in advance. Additionally, events may not utilize the same location for more than four consecutive days.

The accomplishment of the educational mission of the University of Tulsa will have first priority in all decisions concerning the use of space, indoor or outdoor. The use of any part of the student union will not be authorized if such use may disturb the conduct of University activities.

Areas that are reserved through the Administrative Office are as follows:

Meeting Rooms:
Administrative Conference Room
Mary K. Chapman Great HallMayo Student Activity Center:
Conference Room
Great Room
Outside Facilities:
The Outback
The U (Dietler Commons) & Fire Pit
Commuter Lounge
Information Table
Hurricane Hut
Lobby (Booth)
South Patio
Samson Plaza
Hurricane Plaza

Reservation & Dining Directory Information

Administrative Office

Building Manager – 918-631-2968
Audio/Visual Technician – 918-631-3737
Coordinator of Events – 918-631-3822
Event Planning Specialist – 918-631-3509
Administrative Office & after hours – Student Manager 918-631-2251 or 918-631-3509

Student Union
FAX MACHINE 918-631-2117

Sodexo Dining Services & 1894 Catering Information

Catering Orders | (918) 631-2145 |

Director of Catering | (918) 630-3961 |

Dining Services

Advance Notice Requirement

Please submit reservation requests a minimum of seven (7) business days prior to the event date. If the event requires security, or audio-visual please submit reservation requests a minimum of ten (10) business days prior to the event date. Reservation requests made less than seven (7) business days out may not be guaranteed, however, every effort will be made to accommodate all events.


Alcohol Statement

As stated in the University of Tulsa’s alcohol policy, “The University of Tulsa is an educational and social community wherein its members and their guests interact in a variety of activities. It is acknowledged that at some of these activities the consumption of alcoholic beverages will occur. So that these activities can be reasonably governed and in order to promote responsible conduct with respect to alcohol consumption, specific policies have been established by the University to conform with state and local laws and in keeping with the mission of the University.” The sponsoring organization will be responsible for enforcing all TU & the buildings alcohol policies and their intent. A complete copy of the TU alcohol policy can be obtained from the Office of Student Life, Student Union Suite 233 or found in the TU Student Handbook.

All events that request to have alcoholic beverages sold or served must use Dining Services. An alcohol event registration form will also need to be completed and security will be required for the event (charges apply).

All other sources of alcohol, i.e.: BYOB, are not allowed. Dispensation of alcohol must end 30 minutes prior to the end of the event.

Should the sponsoring organization need assistance in enforcing the alcohol policy, please contact the facility staff member on duty. They can assist in having person(s) removed from the event, or to close the event if necessary.

Security officers are required at events where alcohol may be consumed. Refer to the section on “Security” for further details.

Persons, who are visibly intoxicated or otherwise impaired, will be denied admittance to the event as well as the Student Union property.

Beer/alcohol drinking contests are not allowed in/on the premises, including the Patio, Outback and the Terrace.

All alcohol consumption must be confined to the area in which it is served. i.e.: beer served in a specific area may not be taken out of that area. Beer purchased in the Hurricane Hut can be consumed in the Hut and the south patio adjacent to the Hut.

The responsible person/organization or officers/department will be responsible for enforcing: 1) the Oklahoma state laws as they relate to the distribution and consumption of alcohol, 2) the University of Tulsa Alcohol Policy, 3) all building policies, and 4) the prevention of illegal consumption of alcohol at the event.

All events must be registered and approved through the Dean of Students office.

American Disabilities Act

All persons/groups using the facility should comply with ADA minimum recommendations concerning attendance and advertising. Please review accessibility factors before selecting locations and include in all printed material the request for advance notice of special accessibility needs. Contact Student Access for information 918-631-2315.


It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to inform and update the administrative office staff of the number of attendees, the relationship the participants have with the University and the nature or purpose of the event(s).

Any form of misrepresentation of the above items may be cause for the termination of the Reservation Agreement and the loss of reservation privileges for 12 calendar months.

Events at which non-TU participants may be in attendance may require prior approval from the Director. These event(s) may be subject to security and insurance requirements.


Please discuss audio/video needs when making the room reservation request. Different needs and technical expectations may be better suited to specific rooms and/or a particular room configuration.

BASIC A/V equipment such as portable podiums, white boards and flip charts may be requisitioned from the Coordinator of Events, 918-631-3822.

ADVANCED applications of A/V equipment such as projectors, screens, sound systems, special lighting and hearing assistance devices need to be arranged directly with the Audio/Visual Technician, 918-631-3737.

A/V planning should take place before drawing and submitting the room set-up sheet as they affect the way the room should be laid-out.

Please provide this information at least ten (10) business days prior to the event date. Shorter notice requests cannot be guaranteed, however, every effort will be made to accommodate your need.

Associated costs for attending technicians will be passed on to the sponsoring organization. Rental of equipment must be contracted by the client with the vendor. The facility staff cannot be responsible for delivery, set-up operation, strike or storage of equipment that has not been arranged with the Technical Operations Manager.

Electrical Power

If the event needs more electrical power than the usual wall outlet, please allow at least ten (10) business days advance notice for special electrical needs to be arranged. Physical Plant will charge for both the connect and disconnect of advanced power distribution.


Officially Recognized University Groups/Departments

Reservation cancellations must be made no later than 9:00 a.m. on the business day prior to the event(s). After three (3) “no shows” without notification, per semester, scheduling privileges for the organization/department may be suspended for 12 calendar months.

Notify the Coordinator of Events (918-631-3822) of any changes or additions to the information on the Reservation Confirmation. Changes or additions must be received before 9:00 a.m. on the business day prior to the event(s). Changes that are received after this deadline cannot be guaranteed.

Off Campus Clients, Alumni and Non-TU Functions hosted by TU Members

Room reservation cancellations are allowed, without charge, if canceled twenty (20) days in advance of the event(s) date(s). A full refund will be made, if applicable. Reservations that cancel within twenty (20) days prior to the start of the event will be charged 50% of the applicable room fees. Reservations that cancel within five (5) business days prior to the start of the event will be charged 100% of applicable room fees. Cancellations involving catering may be subject to additional charges.

Notify the Coordinator of Events (918-631-3822) of any changes or additions to the information on the Reservation Confirmation. Changes or additions must be received before 9:00 a.m. on the business day prior to the event(s). Changes that are received after this deadline cannot be guaranteed.

1894 Catering & Dining Services.

The University’s Dining Services is dedicated to enhancing all campus activities through its comprehensive food and beverage services. For optimal coordination, we kindly request that catering arrangements be finalized with 1894 Catering at least ten (10) business days before the scheduled event. Should the need arise for shorter-term arrangements, please be advised that menu options may be subject to limitations due to the availability of certain food items, contact us at 918-631-2145 or by emailing

It’s essential to note that 1894 Catering Services and the Administrative Office operate as distinct departments. In the event of any modifications to your event attendance or the necessity to cancel an event for which a food order has been placed, we kindly ask that you notify both departments promptly.

Limited Exceptions (TU Departments & Student Orgs)

Departments and student groups desiring a catering exemption must inform the reservationist at the time the reservation is booked.

Exemptions will be granted if the scope of the catering is under $100.00 and if organization members are assuming the complete responsibility for purchase, set-up, service and clean-up, as well as resultant liability responsibilities for compliance with reasonable food handling practices.

Small meeting rooms where student organizations can bring their own food may be held in the Alcove, Chouteau Room, Great Hall B and the Administrative Conference Room.

A minimum of $50.00 clean up fee will be assessed if University staff must provide clean up services after self-catered events.

Non T.U. groups must utilize University Dining Services for all catering needs. The university operates under an exclusive agreement with the University Dining Services Department.


Chargeable items include security officers, overtime for after hour’s events (i.e. after 11:00 p.m.) and some multimedia and audio-visual support.

Off Campus Clients, Alumni and Non-TU Functions hosted by TU Members

Must also submit deposit (total room rental fee) ten (10) business days prior to your event date. All other chargeable items will be invoiced upon event conclusion.


Reservation requests are subject to availability and cannot be confirmed until all of the reservation policies and guidelines have been agreed upon by the authorized contact and the advisor/department head. Also, the Administrative Office must have received:

  1. Copies of all Reservation Confirmation(s) signed by the appropriate contact (non-TU events only)
  2. Copies of all relevant set up sheets and related information at least ten (10) business days before the event.
  3. Official start and end times of the event(s).
  4. Anticipated attendance/attendees.

The event may automatically be canceled if the above information is not received in the Administrative Office by the fifth (5th) day prior to the event(s).

Off Campus Clients, Alumni and Non-TU Functions hosted by TU Members

Must also submit:

  1. Deposits (total of all room rental fees) at least ten (10) business days before the event.
  2. A certificate of Insurance, at least two (2) weeks before the event.

Event Management

All events held in the Allen Chapman Student Union that are hosted, sponsored, or organized by a university organization are required to have the organization’s Faculty Advisor present at the event for the duration of the event. Off campus organizations must also have the appropriate sponsor present.

Alcohol, illegal substances, cigarettes and tobacco products, glass containers, pets, or weapons may not be brought into an event. This includes any type of fire arms, explosives (including fireworks), kerosene, or any type of flammable fluid.

All event attendees may be subject to a visual search and/or a metal detector. They may also be subject to a visual search of their handbag/backpack, etc.

Persons involved in fights or other confrontations, incidents, including underage drinking or noncompliance with a university staff member, will be required to leave the facility and/or university premises immediately and will not be allowed re-admittance. In addition, the entire event may be subject to immediate termination.

The Administrative Office reserves the right to deny use of any facility or service at any time, or to impose limits on the scope, conduct, audience size, or location of any event in order to satisfy the guidelines and policies of student union and/or the university. The Administrative Office may also require as a condition of use, and at the cost of the requesting party, the services of additional maintenance, custodians, technical and/or security personnel.

Event Times

Additional labor costs incurred from events running past the intended “end” time will be assessed to the sponsoring organization. In addition, events scheduled outside normal building hours will be assessed additional labor costs.

Fire/Safety Codes

All city of Tulsa Ordinance Fire and Safety Codes must be enforced at all times, especially as they relate to maximum room occupancy, electrical codes, etc.

Fund Raising/Ticket Sales, etc.

This section applies to officially recognized University groups ONLY.

All reservations/events that are designed to create income (via ticket sales, registration fees, donations, fundraising, etc.) for a TU organization/department must follow these guidelines:

  1. The funds that are collected must be used to further the purpose of the organization.
  2. All of the funds that are collected must be deposited into the organization’s university account.
  3. If the above guidelines are not met, 100% of all applicable reservation (rental) fees will be assessed.

Upon request from the Administrative Office, the organization/department will submit full financial
statements, disclosing the distribution of said funds, which relate to the events listed in the Reservation


If you or your organization/department is hosting, inviting, sponsoring, or hiring a non-TU person, group, etc. to your event(s), you may be required to purchase a general liability and property damage insurance certificate for up to $500,000.00. The certificate must also state, “The University of Tulsa is named as additional insured”. Insurance certificate and/or any contracts must be received at least two (2) weeks prior to the event(s), or the event is subject to cancellation.

Off campus clients must secure the insurance.

Lobby Space/Table Reservations

Lobby space is used by the entire campus, and many people travel through the building daily. To maintain the building for all visitors, requests for lobby space must follow these guidelines:

    1. At least one (1) six-foot table must be utilized.
    2. Officially recognized university groups may use the lobby up to three (3) days per semester at no charge.
    3. Advertisements must be confined to the table(s). Nothing may be affixed to the floors, walls, handrails, pillars, glass, ceiling, etc.
    4. Representatives must remain behind the table(s), so as not to impede pedestrian traffic.
    5. Staff will place table(s). If another location is desired, check with the administrative office.
    6. All uses of lobby space that involve the sale of goods or services (especially food/beverages) or taking of orders or subscription, etc. must be approved by the Administrative Office, and in some cases, Director of Dining Services.
    7. Amplified sound is prohibited.
    8. Non-TU groups may request lobby/table space and are granted such space at the discretion of the Director and in accordance with University Policy.


The Allen Chapman Student Union, or its assigned agents, reserves the right to sell all novelties or any related merchandise that are in conjunction with any event. If an event is granted the right to sell the novelties, etc., the client shall pay an amount equal to 20% of net receipts (after tax) from the sale, or a setup/room charge, whichever is greater. The client will be solely responsible to pay all applicable taxes on the sale of said merchandise.

Facility staff reserves the right to count and inspect all merchandise before and after the sale of said merchandise.

ALL confirmed reservations are subject to this policy.


Publicity and promotional material for events held in Allen Chapman Student Union need to have the approval from the Administrative Office staff.

Advertising events to the public (off campus) should have the approval of University Relations. It is important to have (at least) each of the following items on each advertisement:

Name of event
Sponsor of the event
Type of event (i.e. dance, reception, lecture, etc.) Times
(beginning and end)
Place (i.e. 3135 E. 5th Place, Tulsa, OK 74104)
Which Room
Day & Date

A copy of the event flyers/posters/etc. need to be given to the Student Union administrative office.


The Administrative Office staff determines the need for security presence. However, at least one (1) officer for the first 100 people in attendance is required for all events where alcohol is present. The number of guests determine the necessity and/or the event is considered an “open event” (open to campus or public). Additionally, when such an event has more than 100 people present, an additional officer is required for each 50 people in attendance.

Security needs will be arranged by the Administrative Office staff. Sponsoring organizations are not allowed to arrange for their own security. Please provide at least ten (10) business days to arrange security officers. Last minute requests cannot be guaranteed and may jeopardize the event confirmation. Officers are required to be on duty from at least 30 minutes before the scheduled event time (per the Reservation Confirmation) until 30 minutes after the conclusion of the event. Security costs are the responsibility of the user and will be billed at $25.00/hour per officer (4 hours minimum charge per officer).


The University of Tulsa had adopted a campus wide smoke free policy for all indoor areas. Smoking may take place outdoors, but cannot occur within 25’ of building entrances, exists, air intakes or windows.

Staffing Costs

At least one building representative will be present at all events; from at least one hour prior to the event start time through at least 30 minutes after the conclusion of the event. More than the minimum number of personnel stated above may be needed to fully service an event. If additional personnel (temporary
custodians, office staff on over time, etc.) are required, associated labor costs will be assessed to the sponsoring organization.

Labor cost will be assessed for events that extend beyond established building hours.


Storage space is not available. Decorations, equipment, etc. of any kind need to be delivered, set up and removed within the times listed on the “Reservation Confirmation”.

Tentative Reservations

Tentative reservations will be allowed for up to two (2) locations and two (2) days for the same event, and may be held for 60 days from the date it was reserved. Multiple reservations for the same event will be considered tentative reservations. ALL tentative reservations will automatically be canceled if not confirmed 30 days prior to the event.

Termination of Agreement

Failure to comply with the policies/guidelines stated in this “Reservation Policies Guide,” or in the “Reservations Confirmation” may result in the termination of the event.

Use of NON-building Equipment

The facility has a variety of equipment (tables, chairs, podiums, etc.) in house to meet event needs, and event planners are encouraged to use/rent the equipment. If you need to rent/procure equipment from an outside source, the delivery, set-up and removal must occur within the times listed on the event confirmation.

The Student Union staff cannot be responsible for delivery, set up, operation or strike of non-building equipment.

Storage space is not available. Decorations, rental items, equipment and all other items brought into the Student Union for an event must be removed from the building within the times listed on the Reservation Confirmation.

Any damages caused by non-building personnel (outside vendors/contractors, etc.) will be the financial responsibility of the sponsoring organization.


All events and use of the Allen Chapman Student Union are subject to all University of Tulsa guidelines and policies, unless otherwise noted.

Requests for exceptions to the policies, listed in this guide should be submitted in writing to the Director of Allen Chapman Student Union. Requests should be received at least six (6) weeks prior to the event date in question for a complete review and response.

Director, Allen Chapman Student Union
University of Tulsa, 800 South Tucker Drive Tulsa, OK 74104-3189