This is an exciting time at The University of Tulsa. With a new president, as well as new
energy and investment that is transforming the spirit of our city, the university is poised to reach new heights. Strategic planning is a process that involves multiple stakeholders, and thus unfolds over time. In the meantime, under President Clancy’s leadership, several initiatives are simultaneously unfolding that support all the objectives in the strategic plan. The strategic plan explicitly references these foundations; but, even when not explicit, the foundations permeate and support every facet of the strategic plan.

Foundation 1: Diversity Action Plan. The University of Tulsa’s Diversity Action Plan affirms our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusiveness and aligns practices to cultivate a community that reflects the fundamental values and goals of diversity as the strategic plan is implemented. It is the primary foundation upon which all objectives will be realized.

Foundation 2: Greater Commitment Capital Campaign. The Greater Commitment Capital Campaign provides the financial means necessary to achieve the objectives and implement the supporting strategies that will transform our curriculum, our university and our community. The strategic plan will directly inform the specific requests incorporated into the comprehensive campaign.

Foundation 3: Integrated Marketing and Communications. The University of Tulsa is defining its brand identity through integrating communications, enrollment management, institutional advancement and the academic departments. The stronger the brand, the stronger this strategic plan becomes. A coherent approach to marketing and communications will amplify most strategies and enhance the university’s ability to meet all objectives.