Vision - The University of Tulsa


By 2022 The University of Tulsa will create a premier living laboratory where students and
faculty together address local and global challenges to advance knowledge and cultivate a just, humane, and rewarding future for all people. Our Vision Will be Realized By:

  • Educational programs that provide the cognitive, technical, social and analytical skills for future jobs that advance our world.
  • All members of the university holding closely the importance of curiosity, critical thinking, effective communication, lifelong learning and the application of knowledge to real-world settings.
  • An awareness of the university community as a global leader in the creation and translation of new knowledge that promotes design thinking, innovation, justice and equity.
  • A diverse university community that facilitates the success of all of its members.
  • Ensuring the success of students from diverse backgrounds, including underrepresented populations and first-generation college students.
  • The University of Tulsa serving as an economic anchor that recruits and develops creative talent for the Tulsa region.
  • A focus on affordability for our students and competitive financial support of our faculty and staff.
  • A learning community where fiduciary responsibility and stewardship are embraced by all members.