Board of Trustees

The University of Tulsa Board of Trustees serves a vital role by outlining TU’s long-term plans and providing leadership for one of the country’s top institutions of learning.

The board gains strength from its diversity with TU trustees that come from many different personal and professional backgrounds. The board is comprised of alumni as well as friends of the university who recognize TU’s significance on the city, state and national level.

Current Trustees

Ellen Adelson

James Adelson
President, Nadel & Gussman, LLC

Sean Alexander
Executive, Microsoft Corporation

Sue Ann Arnall
CEO, Essay Management Services, LLC

Steven G. Bradshaw
President/CEO, BOK Financial Corporation

Chet Cadieux
Chairman/CEO, QuikTrip Corporation

William Carmody
Partner, Susman Godfrey, LLP

Gerard Clancy
President, University of Tulsa

Roger Collins
CEO, My Office Backbone, LLC

Casey Cooper
Attorney, GableGotwals

Thomas Cooper
President, William K. Warren Foundation

Katherine G. Coyle, Esq.
Conner & Winters, LLC

Scott Dickman
President, Base, Inc.

Frederic Dorwart
Owner, Frederic Dorwart Lawyers

David R. Eastin
President, Echo Creek Partners, LLC

William F. Fisher, Jr.
Fisher Investments

Randy A. Foutch
Chairman, President, CEO, Laredo Petroleum

A. Charles Funai
President, Barga LLC

Keith C. Goddard
CEO, Capital Advisors, Inc.

Susie Collins Hentschel
President, Collins Investment, Inc.

Andrew D. MacKay
President, Maccor, Inc.

Marcia MacLeod
CEO, M3 Consulting

Sanjay Meshri
Managing Director, Advance Research Chemicals

Jack Neely
President, Ballard Management Corporation

Antwane Owens
Senior Finance Manager, Inc.

Clifton L. Taulbert
President, Freemount Corporation

William F. Thomas
Co-Principal, Senior Star Living

Dana S. Weber
President/CEO, Webco Industries, Inc.

Randi S. Wightman
Community Volunteer

Ex Officio Members

Alumni National Association President

Andrew Comstock
Castlebar Asset Management, President/CIO

Tulsa Chapter Alumni Association President

Matthew Hauth
Optimus Industries LLC, Design Engineer

Faculty Representatives

Stephen Galoob
President of Faculty Senate

Daniel Crunkleton
Vice President of Faculty Senate

Student Representatives

Conner Bender
President, Student Association

Dhruv Varshney
Vice President, Student Association