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Schedule to meet with a coach

Scheduling options

Appointments may also be scheduled directly through the Starfish application.

  • Freshman advising — This appointment type is for new freshmen who need assistance with schedule changes or adjustment to college.
  • Prospective students — This appointment type is for students who wish to meet with a success coach in another academic discipline. Please use this appointment type if you are contemplating a major change.
  • Student success coaching — This opens a whole menu of services provided by your student success coach, including Current Student Enrollment and Graduation Check.

IMPORTANT: This page is intended for currently enrolled students. If you are a new student planning to enroll at TU for your first semester, visit our New student enrollment page.

Major ProgramsAdvisorContact InformationAdvising Appointment
Accounting, Accelerated Business & Law, Computer Information Systems, BBA Economics, Energy Management, MarketingPatty
Appointment with Patty Kitchen
Arts & Sciences Undecided, Art, Art History, Arts Culture & Entertainment Management, Environmental Policy, Economics (BA or BS), Elementary Education, Music, Music Education, Organizational Studies, Theatre, Women’s & Gender StudiesSherry
Appointment with Sherry Clegg
Anthropology, Film Studies, French, German, History, Media Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion, Sociology, SpanishJack
Appointment with Jack Parsley
Computer Science, Computer Simulation & Gaming, Cyber SecurityLindsey
Appointment with Lindsey Schneider
International Business, Finance, ManagementRochelle
Appointment with Rochelle Latimer
ENS Undecided, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Non-Degree seeking, Mechanical EngineeringCathy
Appointment with Cathy Kennemer
Business Undecided, Petroleum Engineering, Exchange StudentsNadia
Appointment with Nadia Hall
Health Sciences Undecided, Exercise & Sports ScienceElisa
Appointment with Elisa LeSieur
Creative Writing, English, PsychologyGreg

Appointment with Greg McKee
Applied Mathematics, Mathematics, ENS Undecided, Mechanical EngineeringCollin O'
Appointment with Collin O'Leary
Biology, Engineering Physics, Geosciences, PhysicsAlyssa
Appointment with Alyssa Walker
Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical EngineeringSable
Appointment with Sable Vasquez
Nursing, Speech Language PathologySarah O'
Appointment with Sarah O'Rear