Finals Schedule

Final Exam DateFinals TimeClass Time
April 30, Thursday9:00-11:259:30 TTH
1:00-3:253:30 TTH
May 1, Friday9:00-11:258:00 TTH
1:00-3:2512:30 TTH
May 4, Monday9:00-11:2511:00 TTH
1:00-3:252:00 TTH
May 5, Tuesday9:00-11:2511:00 MWF
1:00-3:258:00 MWF
May 6, Wednesday9:00-11:2510:00 MWF
1:00-3:251:00 MWF
May 7, Thursday9:00-11:259:00 MWF
1:00-3:252:00 MWF

The following classes will meet for final examinations at the time scheduled for MWF classes:

  1. One and two hour classes meeting days other than Tuesday and Thursday;
  2. Classes meeting for four or five days a week

Final examinations for classes meeting after 3:00 p.m. or that do not fit into the schedule above will occur as specified by individual instructors during the regularly scheduled meeting times in final examination week.

Students who have more than 2 final examinations on the same day may appeal to their Academic Dean to request rescheduling.