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School of Art, Design & Art History

The School of Art, Design & Art History provides a stimulating and intimate environment for practicing, understanding, and advancing the visual arts. Grounded in traditional practices, the program encourages innovative and interdisciplinary approaches. Students develop critical thinking, artistic understanding, and technical skills for art professions or further studies. Emphasizing high professional standards, active community involvement, and small class sizes with faculty access, the program tailors to individual needs. Offering courses in various artistic media and art history, the curriculum fosters exploration before specialization.

Art history minor leads to prestigious Andrew W. Mellon Diversity in Conservation program

As a University of Tulsa student, Tiara Woods researched and cataloged artworks by Daniel Lang through TURC, shedding light on Lang's donated collection. Recognizing the project's importance for the museum field, Woods, before graduating in May 2023, gained acceptance into the prestigious Mellon Diversity in Conservation program, addressing diversity gaps through hands-on opportunities and mentoring.

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    • Department Faculty

      Our distinguished faculty comprises accomplished scholars, dedicated educators, and experts in their respective fields. With a commitment to fostering academic excellence, they engage students in innovative and collaborative learning experiences, preparing them for success in a rapidly evolving world. At TU, our faculty members not only impart knowledge but also inspire and mentor students, creating a dynamic and enriching educational environment.

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    • Department Facilities

      Equipped with cutting-edge technology and resources, our classrooms, laboratories, and libraries provide students with unparalleled opportunities to explore, discover, and excel in their academic pursuits. From collaborative study spaces to specialized research labs, our facilities are designed to inspire innovation and support the academic success of our diverse student community.

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    • Arts & Science Research

      Both faculty and students engage in groundbreaking research across diverse disciplines, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and addressing real-world challenges. From impactful studies in energy and environmental sciences to cutting-edge advancements in technology and healthcare, our commitment to research excellence provides a unique and enriching experience for scholars eager to contribute to the forefront of academic exploration and societal progress.

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    • Gussman Juried Student Exhibition

      For over half a century, The University of Tulsa’s Gussman Juried Student Exhibition has celebrated the best in student art including ceramics, painting, photography, printmaking, drawing, graphic design and digital media. The Gussman is the capstone exhibit for each academic year where students have the opportunity to be juried by nationally notable artists.

      Gussman Juried Student Exhibition

    Visiting Artist

    School of Art, Design & Art History hosts several visiting artists each year, giving the students an opportunity to learn new techniques through workshops or to receive critical advice through critiques

    Past Visiting Artist 

    Arturo Herrera
    Zora Murff
    Marwin Begaye
    Jimmy Grashow
    Luba Lukova
    Rebecca Drolen
    Eve Sonneman
    Andy Mattern
    Althea Murphy-Price
    Cary Esser
    Paul Davis

    Bonnie Stahlecker
    Jenny Robinson
    Eddie Dominguez
    Edgar Heap of Birds
    Antone Dolezal
    Miguel Aragon
    Guerilla Girls
    Kathryn Polk
    Daniel W. Coburn
    Aaron Coleman
    Alfredo Jaar
    William Bailey

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