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Life Long Learning: Unabridged Program

Division of Life Long LearningAs a part of TU’s Continuing Education Network, Kendall College of Arts & Sciences promotes both personal and professional enrichment opportunities. Our courses act as a community outreach program to educate and enrich the minds of the greater Tulsa area. The unabridged program offers anyone with an inquiring mind the unique opportunity to audit rewarding undergraduate classes at TU but at a fraction of the standard tuition.

Interested students will experience our traditional academic environment, our intimate classroom organizations, and the invaluable mentorship of our university’s world-renowned professors. If you have lifelong scholarly aspirations, this may be the perfect experience for you. Since a course is audited, no credits or transcripts are recorded, and no tests or papers are required. An aspiring scholar need only enroll, attend the class, listen to discussions (participation is controlled by the instructor), complete the readings and enjoy!

Explore the list of courses that are currently offered for unabridged students. They are published separately from the regular schedule of courses, and the list is updated each semester. Students should not contact faculty members directly to ask permission to enroll in their courses. Unabridged students will be allowed to enroll after traditional degree-seeking students.

  • Enrollment

    Students wanting to enroll should visit the Kendall College of Arts & Sciences Advising office in 1040 Tyrrell Hall to complete or turn in a completed enrollment form. The coordinator will check the course to make sure there are seats available. Registrants will be given a course pass to give to the professor for temporary admittance. Official enrollment will not occurred until the second week of class to allow for traditional student movement. An email confirmation will be sent to the student and instructor when enrollment has occurred.

  • Cost

    $500.00 per course.

    • Lab fees may also apply
    • 10% Discount on course for 65 years of age and older
    • 10% Discount on course for TU Alumni
    • Docents with Gilcrease and Philbrook Museums may qualify for discounted rates.

    Once enrolled, students will be billed by the university.

  • Refunds

    If you withdraw from the course(s), notification must be received in writing, email, telephone or in-person. A refund will not be issued if the notification is received or made after the second week of class. Refunds will not be issued for non-attendance or the inability to complete the course.

  • Course Transfer

    Students may transfer a course registration into another course if done before the second week of class. If you fail to attend the class you transferred into, you forfeit the full course tuition.

  • Waitlist

    If a class is full, you may select to “join waitlist.” A registration form will need to be completed and will be held in our office. If a seat becomes available before the end of the second week, you will be contacted to see if you are still interested in taking the course.

  • Contact Us

    For more information about Kendall College of Arts & Sciences’ Life Long Learning program, please contact:

    Stephanie Boulden
    Manager of Special Projects and Technical Needs