Oklahoma Photovoltaic Research Institute - The University of Tulsa
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Oklahoma Photovoltaic Research Institute


  • To design, model and fabricate new generation of cost-effective photovoltaic (PV) cells
  • To foster interdisciplinary research between faculty and students in Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering disciplines at TU, OU and OSU.
  • To share resources between three major research universities on PV research
  • To collaborate on PV research for attracting funding from private, state and federal agencies
  • To promote PV technology in Oklahoma
  • To pool resources and to develop joint projects between the three major research universities in Oklahoma

Steering Committee

  • Parameswar Hari (Department of Physics, University of Tulsa), Director
  • Ian Sellers (OU Department of Physics)
  • Toby Nelson (OSU Department of Chemistry)
  • Mario Borunda (OSU Physics Department), LSAMP outreach coordinator

Advisory Committee

Matt Orosz (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Senior Researcher

Orosz Provided valuable technical advice on ARPA-E (DOE) projects conducted by the institute members.

Al Hepp, NASA Glenn Research Center

Hepp is the program manager for the two current NASA funded projects. Hepp provided suggestions and advice on our current and future research projects.

Raj Singh, Director OSU Helmerich Materials Research Center

Singh has expressed strong interest in collaborative research with the PV institute and the OSU –Tulsa Materials research programs.

Louise C. Hirst, U. S. Naval Research Laboratory

Hirst was awarded a National Research Council associateship position to continue her work on hot-carrier solar cell development. She now works on a variety of novel device concepts and materials for solar cell applications. Hirst has a specific interest in ultra-thin III-V photovoltaics with integrated nanophotonic structures, for radiation tolerance and space applications.

Members of the Institute by Affiliation

University of Tulsa

University of Oklahoma

Oklahoma State University

Amethyst Corporation