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UTulsa chemical engineering lab

TU’s Russell School of Chemical Engineering, located on the third floor (upper level) of Keplinger Hall, is home to state-of-the-art research equipment along with modern, far-reaching facilities for undergraduate instruction. See below for a partial list of our research facilities:

  • Honeywell Process Control Computer System

Our Honeywell lab features a complete Honeywell Process Control System with quad monitor stations for full visualization and monitoring of processes and process control conditions.

  • Chemical Engineering Computer Lab: 20 PC’s 3GHz P4, 1 GB memory, Flat Panel LCD Monitors

The Paul Buthod Chemical Engineering Computer Laboratory houses some of the latest computational and graphics facilities, and Keplinger Hall’s computer labs are the focal point for undergraduate study and interaction.

  • Fully-equipped Unit Operations Laboratory

The department’s undergraduate laboratory features experiments in all unit operation areas such as heat transfer, fluid dynamics, vapor/liquid equilibrium, absorption, process control, reaction and distillation.

Many of our research projects also involve equipment and resources located at TU’s historic North Campus.