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Tandy School of Computer Science

The University of Tulsa’s Tandy School of Computer Science equips students with the knowledge and expertise required for making significant contributions to computer science, simulation and gaming industry and for leveraging learned techniques toward continued professional growth. Students are provided with classroom experiences and research opportunities under the guidance of our experienced faculty.

CSG students developing game to teach children about carbon capture

At The University of Tulsa, the topic is at the center of efforts by a group of computer simulation and gaming (CSG) students to develop a CCUS education simulation. Under the mentorship of Akram Taghavi-Burris, TU’s CSG program coordinator, and with funding support from Chevron, the students are designing a city-building game for use in middle schools that will teach children about the environmental impacts of carbon emissions, various CCUS methods, and the associated costs.

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    • Computer Science Faculty

      Our distinguished faculty comprises accomplished scholars, dedicated educators, and experts in their respective fields. With a commitment to fostering academic excellence, they engage students in innovative and collaborative learning experiences, preparing them for success in a rapidly evolving world. At TU, our faculty members not only impart knowledge but also inspire and mentor students, creating a dynamic and enriching educational environment.

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    • Computer Science Facilities

      The Tandy School of Computer Science is housed on the second floor of J. Newton Rayzor Hall where a dedicated network allows for experimental application development and testing.

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    • Computer Science Research

      Both faculty and students engage in groundbreaking research across diverse disciplines, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and addressing real-world challenges. From impactful studies in energy and environmental sciences to cutting-edge advancements in technology and healthcare, our commitment to research excellence provides a unique and enriching experience for scholars eager to contribute to the forefront of academic exploration and societal progress.

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    • Computer Simulation and Gaming (CSG) program

      The Computer Simulation and Gaming (CSG) program in the Tandy School of Computer Science at the University of Tulsa, provides students with a hands-on, project-based, leading-edge curricular that combines the multiple disciplines of computer science, art, music, film, and storytelling. Throughout their studies, CSG students will develop skills for game programming, 3D graphics, animation, 2D & 3D level design, game mechanics, and gameplay.

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