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Computer Science Facilities

The Tandy School of Computer Science is housed on the second floor of J. Newton Rayzor Hall where a dedicated network allows for experimental application development and testing. Students have access to three main computer labs:

RH 2045 – Instruction & Tutoring Lab

RH 2045 is is the primary teaching lab for courses in computer science. The lab provides 40 PC’s equipped with resources for developing in Java, Python and other languages.

In the evening after classes, the lab becomes the CS/CSG Tutoring lab. The CS/CSG Tutoring lab is available to all students enrolled in a CS/CSG course and/or support course.

The tutoring lab is staffed with skilled student tutors eager to assist and answer questions. Whether you need access to a computer with specific software, help on an assignment, need a quiet space to bring your laptop and work, or just want to connect with other students the CS/CSG Lab is the place to be.

RH 2055 – CSG Studio Lab

RH 2055 Computer Simulation & Gaming Studio is a state-of-the-art lab designed to provide CSG students access to industry standard software and hardware for developing real-time 3D productions.

All CSG majors have access to the studio space, and it is used as the main development lab for CSG projects. The lab is equipped with 20 Alienware VR capable gaming PCs with resources for developing 3D models and animation, digital imaging, game development, and more.

RH 2015 – Senior Software Engineering Lab

Software EngineeringRH 2015 is a dedicated research space and think tank where new concepts in software engineering, usability and innovation can be designed, developed, tested and deployed.

This highly collaborative space is also as a forum for presenting student works to staff and underclassmen.