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The Department of Mechanical Engineering is located in Stephenson Hall, a $16.1 million facility that serves TU’s mechanical and petroleum engineering programs. Stephenson Hall features the following research and teaching lab facilities:

  • Modern computer labs with access to all major solid modeling programs and finite element and computational fluid mechanics programs
  • A student project lab and the McElroy Prototyping lab with NC machining equipment available for student use
  • A recently renovated instrumentation and experimental design lab
  • Materials characterization labs that include electromechanical and servohydraulic load frames
  • Advanced electron microscopy

Our faculty members regularly participate in joint industry projects and research consortiums that employ specialized equipment located in Stephenson Hall, Keplinger Hall and North Campus.

TU’s Fatigue Lab houses modern servohydraulic testing systems and load frames ranging from 5kn to 220kn that are available for the measurement of stress and strain. This facility also has the capability to perform 3D digital image correlation for the full-field measurement of strains on complicated geometries.

The McElroy Prototyping Lab offers hands on machining and fabrication experience for all mechanical engineering students. Features includes a fully automated CNC mill, CNC lathe, CNC Plasma Cutter, laser-cutter and an ObJet rapid prototyping machine. Students are welcome to use the lab’s metal and woodworking tools to complete design projects.

The Nanotechnology Lab is an interdisciplinary facility that houses a state-of-the-art duel beam scanning electron microscope and focused ion beam system. The lab’s main attraction is a FEI Helios NanoLab SEM/FIB acquired through a grant from the National Science Foundation. This facility has SEM capabilities, E-beam Lithography, EDS, Cryo-SEM and a complete FIB hardware and software suite. For more details and rates, please visit the lab’s website at nanolab.ens.utulsa.edu.