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Health & Safety

The Center for Global Engagement takes seriously issues affecting our students’ health and safety while abroad. It is a reality that international travel is risky, and it is impossible for us to foresee or prevent every emergency.

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our students studying abroad by:

  • Providing them with accurate and timely information about ways to minimize risks when they travel abroad and how to respond to emergencies when they happen.
  • Regularly reviewing programs with which we are affiliated to ensure they meet nationally accepted standards for safety and security for study abroad.
  • Giving students information about how to stay safe and healthy while abroad through our handbooks and pre-departure orientations.
  • Providing AIG Global Travel Assistance Services while abroad to have 24/7 emergency response in a variety of situations including emergency evacuation.
  • Requiring students to maintain health insurance sufficient to cover the specific needs associated with international travel.
  • Staying in regular communication with students while they are abroad to quickly respond to major and minor emergencies.

If families have any concerns for the safety of their children abroad, contact the CGE at 918-631-3229 or 

Methods for Communicating Health and Safety Issues

We have several methods for communicating health and safety concerns with our study abroad students:

  • Pre-departure Preparation

    The CGE has a created a series of videos that students should complete as part of an online pre-departure preparation program. Also, the CGE sponsors a mandatory pre-departure meeting each semester for outgoing study abroad participants where we review how to prepare for time abroad.

  • CGE International Programs Handbook

    The CGE International Programs Handbook is available online as part of the CGE online application. Paper copies are available at the CGE for students to pick up and during pre-departure preparation.

  • Emergency Contact Lists

    We maintain records with contact information for all of our students who are out of the country. Once students know their travel plans and have their on-site contact information, they should log into their CGE account to add it. Students will be asked to provide their address, phone/cell number and flight information. It is the students’ responsibility to provide this information to the CGE.

  • AIG Global Travel Assistance Services

    TU partners with AIG to provide a global assistance service with accident, illness and medical insurance. All TU students, faculty and staff traveling abroad on TU programs or business are automatically covered under the university’s plan.

    AIG responds to critical medical or safety emergencies and can also help resolve non-critical day to day travel problems any time you are traveling outside your home country on TU programs or business.

    Review the AIG Brochure

For Emergencies While Abroad

AIG Global Travel Assistance Services to obtain assistance.

Toll-Free/Free Phone (within the U.S.): 1-877-832-3523
Collect/Reverse Charge (outside the U.S.): +1-715-295-1194

For emergencies on campus contact:

TU Campus Security at 918-631-5555.

During regular office hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm. Monday – Friday) contact:

Center for Global Engagement at 918-631-2329 or