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Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Whether you are a student interested in law, medicine, pharmaceuticals or teaching, a chemistry or biochemistry degree prepares you for excellence in many different disciplines.

Chemistry and biochemistry majors receive individual attention in intimate learning environments where lab sections rarely exceed 30 students. The TU curriculum emphasizes laboratory experience and culminates with a capstone senior research project. This early involvement in the field provides students with valuable experience in the conceptual basis and experimental nature of chemistry and biochemistry.

Biochemistry junior’s work pays off with internship at OMRF

Andy Gamez-Rico, a junior biochemistry major at The University of Tulsa, dedicated his summer to an internship with the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF) in Oklahoma City, where he worked on experiments that could lead to future cancer treatments. His chief responsibilities involved conducting DNA fluorescence in situ hybridization (DNA-FISH) experiments. To ensure the well-being of the cancer cells essential for his research, Gamez-Rico also maintained cell cultures.

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    • Department Faculty

      Our distinguished faculty comprises accomplished scholars, dedicated educators, and experts in their respective fields. With a commitment to fostering academic excellence, they engage students in innovative and collaborative learning experiences, preparing them for success in a rapidly evolving world. At TU, our faculty members not only impart knowledge but also inspire and mentor students, creating a dynamic and enriching educational environment.

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    • Department Facilities

      Equipped with cutting-edge technology and resources, our classrooms, laboratories, and libraries provide students with unparalleled opportunities to explore, discover, and excel in their academic pursuits. From collaborative study spaces to specialized research labs, our facilities are designed to inspire innovation and support the academic success of our diverse student community.

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    • Chemistry and Biochemistry Research

      The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is best known for its wealth of research collaborations among students and faculty and other departments in the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences. These research ventures involve traditional areas such as analytical, physical, organic and inorganic chemistry as well as biochemistry with direct applications to the defense of the nation, our environment, energy, pharmaceuticals and the petroleum engineering industry. Undergraduates are encouraged to apply to the Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Program (CSURP) where professors serve as close mentors on student research projects.

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    • TU’s student-affiliate chapter of the American Chemical Society

      Students are encouraged to join TU’s student-affiliate chapter of the American Chemical Society, an organization that fosters camaraderie among students and provides opportunities to attend scientific meetings, present research papers, visit local industrial plants and laboratories, and connect with established scientists. The chapter also collaborates with the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry to host an annual program of national speakers.

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