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Specialty Clinics

Concussion Center

The Concussion Center is a no-charge, interdisciplinary center that helps with management of recovery post-concussion. Services include:

  • Concussion Education​ and Rehabilitation
  • Return-to-Learn Plan​ning
  • Return-to-Physical-Activity Planning
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation​
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation​
  • Concussion-Related Mental Health Management​

Call Amy at 918-631-2504 to schedule an appointment.


Huracanitos (Little Hurricanes) is a program for Spanish-speaking caregivers and their children. The focus is on developing skills in communication partners as well as improving language skills in children. The clinic runs in six-week sessions. If you are interested in the program, please contact Christy Hedges at christy-hedges@utulsa.edu or call 918-631-2127.

Huracanitos es un programa para padres o cuidadores que hablan Español y sus hijos. La atención se centra en el desarrollo de habilidades en los compañeros de comunicación, y en mejorar las habilidades de comunicación en los niños. La clínica funciona en sesiones de seis semanas. Si está interesado en el programa, comuníquese con Christy Hedges en christy-hedges@utulsa.edu o llame al 918-631-2127.

Cleft Palate Clinic

The Cleft Palate Clinic is held monthly at the University of Tulsa Mary K. Chapman Center for Communicative Disorders. The team of professionals provides assessment of overt cleft lip and/or palate, submucous cleft palate, hypernasal speech, velopharyngeal incompetency (due to short palate, paralysis of the soft palate, or neurogenic incoordination of the palate). The team also provides assessment of syndromes with clefts and other craniofacial anomalies. All patients have a comprehensive evaluation. The results are reviewed, and a comprehensive treatment plan is developed by the team of specialists. A critical part of the planning process is the determination of a timetable for treatment so that maximum benefit is obtained and so that one treatment does not interfere with another.

Long-term records are maintained and centralized allowing for the transfer of records if needed. Referrals are accepted from any physician, dentist, government agency, school system, psychologist or other healthcare professional. Self-referrals are also welcome. Call 918-631-2504 to schedule an appointment.

Middle School Social Skills/Chess Club

This club is offered to middle school students currently enrolled at Town & Country School. The group meets weekly to work on social skill development facilitated through the game of chess. The group fosters teamwork and relationship building while also teaching individuals specific social skills to help them be successful in group settings. If you are interested in the program, please contact Sarah Launchbaugh at sarah-launchbaugh@utulsa.edu or call 918-631-2505.