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Staff Development Seminars and Workshops


Introductory Seminar: “An Introduction to Intercultural Communication” (Required for all participants)

In this seminar, participants will learn basic components of intercultural communication. This highly interactive workshop will explore specific strategies for working effectively with non-native English speakers or individuals from different cultural backgrounds.


“TUs Global Communities”
This workshop will introduce participants to the international student and scholar population at TU. Participants will also have opportunities to discuss the special issues and concerns typically experienced by international students. Participants will learn about campus and community resources for support of international students.

“Chinese Students Today”
This workshop will provide an overview of the Chinese students enrolling at US universities, specifically TU. Some of the topics that will be explored include: systems of education in China, trends in enrollment at US universities, challenges for integrating Chinese students at US universities.

“Pronunciation of Chinese Names and Greetings”
Participants will learn basic pronunciation of Chinese names and phrases, in order to increase their confidence when interacting with Chinese students.

“Supervising and Mentoring an International Student”
Participants will examine issues specific to international undergraduate and graduate students working in their areas. The workshop will present techniques for effectively providing feedback, creating a culturally inclusive workplace, and responding to conflict.

“Introduction to Islam”
This workshop will provide an overview of the beliefs and practices of Islam, including an examination of women and gender. Participants will also learn about the experiences of Muslim students at TU.

“Defusing Difficult Situations”
This workshop will introduce participants to strategies for managing conflict, with particular consideration for ways in which intercultural issues contribute to misunderstandings. Participants will learn general strategies for dealing with workplace conflict and discuss how conflict is viewed in different cultures.