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Externship Program

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The externship program at the University of Tulsa College of Law offers 2L and 3L students the opportunity to earn academic credit while gaining practical, live client experience in the field. Students work in a legal setting under the supervision of a licensed attorney or judge while also taking a contemporaneous academic course, which provides the opportunity for reflection and additional substantive knowledge.

Externship opportunities exist in a broad range of civil and criminal litigation as well as transactional law. TU Law students have received 198 Total Placements in 23 Different States and 64 Different Municipalities over a three-year period (2021-2023). In addition to the many placement opportunities provided by the College of Law, students can secure their own placement, subject to approval, or work directly with the director to create an experience tailored to the student’s individual preferences.


Externships provide the opportunity to move from thinking like a lawyer in the classroom to thinking like a lawyer in a practice setting.

  • Obtain significant experience and knowledge in a specialized area of law through practical experience augmented by classroom learning.
  • Enhance research, writing and analytical skills.
  • Develop professional skills, including client service, case responsibility and management, application of ethical and legal principles in practice and networking with legal professionals.
  • Acquire lawyering skills by working with clients and solving real problems.
  • Earn the ability to present themselves to future employers as “practice ready.”

Types of Placements Available

  • Federal, state and tribal courts
  • Law firms
  • Government agencies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Corporate legal departments and other companies

Exposure to Different Areas of Law

  • Bankruptcy
  • Immigration Law
  • Business/Corporate/Banking
  • Intellectual Property
  • Criminal Law and Procedure
  • International Law
  • Domestic Violence
  • Judiciary
  • Energy Law
  • Litigation
  • Entertainment Law
  • Native American Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Public Interest/Social Justice
  • Estate Planning
  • Public Policy
  • Foundations/Trusts
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Family Law/Child Advocacy
  • Social Security Law
  • Government Affairs
  • Tax Law
  • Health Law
  • Trial Advocacy
  • Human Rights

Opportunities are available locally and throughout the country. Full-semester out-of-state placements are available during the summers and/or the last semester of the 3L year.

  • Staff

    Ambre Weston, JD


    Ambre Weston earned her Juris Doctor from The University of Tulsa College of Law in December 2020 and is licensed to practice law in Oklahoma.  She joined The University of Tulsa College of Law in April 2021 as the Legal Fellow for the Tulsa Immigrant Rights Network (TIRN).  She practiced immigration law and focused on asylum seekers and crime victims.  In August of 2022, Ambre moved into the position of Schusterman Staff Attorney where her practice included family law issues related to immigrants’ needs.  In March of 2023, Ambre became the Director of Externships where she is responsible for the development, administration, and management of the law school’s externship program.  The externship program allows students the opportunity to gain academic credit for in-the-field practical experience in the practice of law.

  • Externship Application Packet and Checklist