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Professional Development

The University of Tulsa College of Law Professional Development Office (PDO) offers career development services to TU Law students and alumni. The PDO prides itself on learning about each student’s unique skill set and interest areas to provide a high level of individualized service.


  • Individualized career counseling
  • Compass, TU Law’s online job posting platform, and a weekly jobs email blast
  • Résumé, cover letter, and interviewing assistance
  • Mock interviews with local attorneys
  • On-Campus Interview Program and resume collection
  • Career resource library
  • Job fair information and funding assistance
  • Programming aimed at résumé preparation, interview skills, and job success
  • Networking events and mentorship opportunities
  • Law student business cards

The PDO works with students on career strategies before they ever enter the classroom, beginning with the one-week Foundations of Legal Study (FLS) orientation program. FLS is designed to equip law students for academic and professional success. Not only do students receive guidance on preparing for class, they tour the federal courthouse and meet the judges; attend social activities with deans, faculty, and alumni; and participate in a public service project organized by the TU Law Public Interest Board.

TU Law alumni receive lifetime access to the PDO and Compass, the online job posting platform. (To access an alumni Compass account, please email or call 918-631-2430.)

  • Dean's Seminar

    During the first semester, Dean Oren Griffin leads the Dean’s Seminar to introduce 1Ls to the legal practice and help begin personal career development. During six weekly sessions, students learn about the current legal market, potential career paths and leadership skills. The course culminates in a one-on-one meeting to form each student’s individual professional development plan.

  • Individualized Career Counseling

    Throughout law school, the PDO provides each student with individualized career counseling with former practicing attorneys who have experienced the law school process. The PDO offers programming designed to assist students with résumé writing, interviewing skills, and preparation for success on the job and includes a mock interview program with local attorneys. Networking events throughout the year serve to introduce students to TU Law alumni, local judges, and other professionals and assists students in finding a mentor.

    The On-Campus Interview Program during the spring and fall helps students secure internships and clerkships locally or throughout the nation in their specific areas of interest. Through the Licensed Legal Intern (LLI) program, students gain in-court experience either through the Boesche Legal Clinic or in an internship or externship under the supervision of an Oklahoma licensed attorney.

  • On-Campus Interview Program

    The PDO hosts an On-Campus Interview Program during the spring and fall to help students secure local or national internships and clerkships in their specific areas of interest.

    TU Law invites employers to participate in the On-Campus Interview Program (OCI) every fall and spring. The Professional Development Office encourages employers to visit campus to interview exceptional law students for summer, part-time, or full-time associate attorney positions. The PDO encourages employers to consider first- and second-year TU Law students for summer or other part-time internships and third-year students for post-graduate positions.

    The PDO accommodates employers who are interested in interviewing students outside of the OCI session dates. To arrange a custom interview session, receive more information, or to participate in our upcoming OCI program, please email or call 918-631-2430.

    Employers may post open employment positions directly on Compass, the TU Law jobs platform.

    Spring 2024 Dates TBA

  • Practical Training

    In addition to internship, externship, and clinic opportunities, TU Law offers all students practical training opportunities to supplement their coursework.

    The Richard B. Risk Practicum Series

    The annual Richard B. Risk endowed practicum series focuses on a variety of subjects, including settlement planning. The endowment allows members of the legal profession who have established themselves as experts in their fields to make presentations for students and young alumni at the College of Law. TU Law offers one hour of CLE credit per session for the legal community at no charge.

    Judge Eagan Criminal Defense Practicum

    The Honorable Claire V. Eagan, Chief Judge for the Northern District of Oklahoma, offers a Federal Criminal Defense Practicum in each spring. The practicum is a 10-week program and is held during lunch at the Page Belcher Federal Building in Tulsa. Judge Eagan or another instructor associated with the federal courts leads each session. Students receive practical instruction on federal criminal practice and have the opportunity to interact with an incredible group of practitioners and experts.

  • Licensed Legal Internship Program (LLI)
  • Mentoring Program

    The Professional Development Office partners with the Tulsa County Bar Association (TCBA) Mentoring Committee to match practicing legal professionals and 2L and 3L law students. It is designed to provide students with learning experiences in different areas of law and insight into the life of a practicing lawyer. The program also provides legal professionals the opportunity to guide and cultivate promising law students to the practice of law. The Professional Development Office pairs law students and legal professionals based upon information submitted in their applications. A law student may be matched with a legal professional based on practice setting, practice area, or geographic area of interest.

    Applicants are asked to participate in the Mentoring Program for one semester. Mentors and mentees will be provided a goal to meet in person at least four times per semester in settings such as a lunch meeting, a shadowing day, or a breakfast or coffee meeting, in addition to communicating by email and phone. The Professional Development Office hosts one reception each semester to appreciate mentors who have committed their time and to share information about the program with interested students and practitioners.


The Professional Development Office (PDO) offers employment matching services to employers at no cost. Exceptional students and graduates are available to work in any capacity—from part-time summer associate positions to long-term attorney roles.  Thank you for your interest in hiring our well-qualified students and graduates.

  • Resume Collection

    The Professional Development Office is happy to collect job application materials on behalf of employers and provide them in an electronic book format so they may make interview selections and arrangements directly with law students or graduates.

    For more information, please contact the PDO at 918-631-2430 or

  • Job Postings

    Employers may post positions directly on Compass, the TU Law online jobs platform. To access your account, please contact the Professional Development Office at or at 918-631-2430.

  • Non-Discrimination Policy & Fair Labor Standards Act

    Non-Discrimination Policy

    The University of Tulsa College of Law is an ABA-accredited law school and member of the Association of American Law Schools. TU Law values and appreciates the diversity of the student body and adhere to the non-discrimination standards for the ABA, the AALS bylaws, and The University of Tulsa. Accordingly, as a condition of the assistance of the Professional Development Office and/or use of PDO services and facilities, TU Law expects all employers will observe and comply with the principles of non-discrimination and equal opportunity on the basis of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, gender, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information, ancestry, or marital status in regard to hiring, promotion, retention, and conditions of employment.

    National Association of Law Placement Standards & Fair Labor Standards Act

    The University of Tulsa College of Law is a member of the National Association of Legal Professionals (NALP) and follows the NALP Principles and Standards for Law Placement and Recruitment Activities. All internships must comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

    Inquiries about compliance should be directed to or call 918-631-2430.