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Student Organizations

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Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the governing body of the students at The University of Tulsa College of Law. The SBA endeavors to further legal education; to promote interaction and professionalism among students, faculty and the administration; and to advocate for the concerns of students. In addition, the SBA coordinates student activities and organizations and is charged with appropriating funds for student activities and student organizations.

Agricultural Law Association

The Agricultural Law Association (ALA) is an organization for law students that focuses on learning the current legal trends in agricultural law. ALA’s goal is to promote the interests of livestock and plant agriculture as well as sustainability of our farming systems in Oklahoma and elsewhere. Agricultural law interacts with almost every aspect of law from real property to federal regulations, tax law, business, and more. ALA aims to provide a learning space for students interested in agriculture and natural resources. Main activities include speaker events and volunteering with local farming cooperatives.

Black Law Student Association

The Black Law Student Association strives to create an atmosphere where unity is fostered and a chance where we can actively address common issues and provide solutions and tools to help each other succeed. Our main activities include hosting visiting speakers (e.g., Ricco Wright and Judge Holmes), as well as social events.

Board of Advocates

The Board of Advocates is the only moot court/mock trial organization at The University of Tulsa College of Law, providing opportunities for professional development of the oral and written skills required of the legal profession. The board organizes and hosts multiple intra-school competitions each semester and coordinates and sponsors a number of regional and national competition teams made up of students chosen to represent TU Law. The board works closely with judges, practicing attorneys, faculty and alumni who judge the competitions and coach the regional and national teams. In addition, the board organizes the annual Chili Fest competition, which brings together attorneys and students in a networking event full of great food and fun activities, as well as an annual awards banquet to recognize the hardworking students who compete and the lawyers and judges in the legal community that make the board’s competitions possible.

Christian Legal Society

To nurture and encourage Christian law students by providing mentors and resources aimed at fostering spiritual growth, compassionate outreach and the integration of faith, study and practice.

Criminal Law Club

The Criminal Law Club focuses on expanding criminal law education and exposure to the justice system. Our main activities are hosting educational lunch-and-learns, getting involved in community projects and organizing workshops.

Federal Bar Association

The Federal Bar Association provides a vast, interconnected network with attorneys and judges practicing federal law. TU’s student chapter works with the Federal Bar Association to host guest speakers, facilitate networking, and pair student members with practicing attorneys in the area for our mentorship program.

Federalist Society

The Federalist Society is a nationwide organization promoting open debate on legal issues, fostering balanced and open debate about the fundamental principles of individual freedom, limited government and judicial restraint. The TU chapter arranges debates, panels, speakers, movie nights and mixers, as well as at least one large keynote debate each year.

Fellowship of Christians at Law

The Fellowship of Christians at Law seeks to provide a space for all Christian students to come together as we navigate law school and prepare for our future careers. We host student-led fellowship lunchtime events every other week during the academic year where students can share from their own traditions and experiences and learn about styles of prayer, read the scriptures together, and simply spend time together in community. We also help incoming students from outside the Tulsa area connect with local faith communities and host speakers on the intersection of Christian faith and the practice of the law.

Immigration Law Society

The Immigration Law Society (immLAW) is a public-interest student organization that seeks to serve, educate and empower Tulsa’s immigrant community while providing TU students with opportunities to develop transferable legal skills that apply to all areas of law. ImmLAW allows students to gain real-life experience in the application of the law while making a real difference in people’s lives. Each month, immLAW hosts a lunch meeting that usually includes a guest speaker talking about potential careers in immigration and/or public policy topics related to the field.

Latino Law Students Association

The Latino Law Students Association is dedicated to promoting a healthy and fulfilling environment and to representing the diverse needs of Latino/a law students. Our main activities include mentoring middle school students at San Miguel School; preparing home-cooked dinners; and sponsoring concerts and Latino/ethnic celebrations. Some special events we get involved with are TU’s Diversity Day, Spanish for Lawyers and volunteering at Murdock Villa.

Law Fam

Law Fam is tailored to support students who have to balance law school and family life. Our definition of family is a group of persons connected by blood, affinity or law; a group consisting of parents and children; or a group of persons in a relationship. The variety of members enables a reliable network to reach out to for advice, for company or during a crisis. Law Fam events specifically focus on providing opportunities to mingle with peers while sharing and spending time with one’s family, such as cookouts, a trip to the zoo, bake sales and a chili feast. Additionally, Law Fam works to address members’ needs and brainstorm solutions.

Law and Medicine Society

Interested in the interconnected fields of law and medicine? Join us to learn more about the opportunities in health law, hear interesting speakers and get involved in volunteer opportunities.

Law Student Division

American Bar Association 
membership in the Law Student Division (LSD) of the American Bar Association (ABA) is open to all law students. LSD members receive nine issues annually of Student Lawyer, a publication that keeps readers abreast of what law students in the U.S. are doing. Each year, two student members receive an expense-paid trip to the American Bar Association national convention to attend workshops, seminars and meetings with other student leaders and lawyers from across the country. Delegates also represent TU’s College of Law at regional ABA/LSD meetings. Low-cost group life and health insurance are available, and ABA-LSD members receive lower rates on certain books and study guides. Membership dues are $20 per year and include a subscription to the ABA Journal.

Legal fraternities

Phi Alpha Delta (PAD) is an organization of law students working together to achieve academic excellence while maintaining a balanced social and professional life. Our main activities include monthly lunch meetings, educational panels, bar review, networking events, fundraising events and philanthropy events.

Phi Delta Phi promotes academic excellence. To become a member, a student must be in the top third of their class, be an officer of an organization recognized by TU’s College of Law or be involved with a law journal. Phi Delta Phi was named International Inn of the Year by the society’s national office in 1995. The chapter competed against 179 chapters from law schools in North and South America and was judged based on academic excellence, individual member achievements and group-sponsored activities.

Native American Law Student Association

The Native American Law Student Association is dedicated to creating a forum for all students interested in Indigenous law. Members participate in the National Native American Moot Court Competition in February and travel to New Mexico for the Federal Indian Bar Conference in April. The group is also active in researching issues that impact American Indian populations.


OutLaws is the LGBTQ+ law student organization at TU Law. We aim to educate our peers and the law school at large on LGBTQ+ legal and social issues as well as to provide an open, inclusive and safe space for students to express themselves. We regularly conduct information sessions for students and host guest speakers to address current LGBTQ+ issues. We occasionally host community events that address LGBTQ+ issues. One of our recent special events was hosting a Name Change Day for the transgender community, where we helped with completing court documents for individuals wishing to change their names in accordance with their gender identity.

Paw Law

Paw Law is the College of Law’s Student Animal Legal Defense Fund chapter. This law student group is affiliated with the Animal Legal Defense Fund and shares its mission to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system. We work with organizations in Tulsa to promote animal welfare and support institutions such as the SPCA, Domestic Violence Intervention Services, Inc. and Pause for Paws. If you love animals, this is the place for you. Additionally, we host great events that are a lot of fun.

Public Interest Board

The Public Interest Board is a student-run organization at TU’s College of Law aimed at serving the community and helping students develop a lasting commitment to public service. Our goal is to assist students in developing relationships with the local community through volunteer service and educational opportunities. Activities include facilitating donation drives, helping with particular cases, partnering with local organizations for volunteer service and fundraising for our student summer stipend program. We host volunteer opportunities once a month, and we encourage our members to engage other students in events in which they are involved. We host the Student Talent Show in the fall and the Multicultural Expo in the spring.

Reproductive Rights Law Society

Reproductive Rights Law Society is a chapter of If/When/How which is a national organization dedicated to reproductive justice. Repro Rights seeks to help educate student to ensure individuals are aware of their rights. We also seek to be a segue into showing the current landscape of reproductive rights across the nation while giving students opportunities to help fight back against injustices.

Resources, Energy and Environmental Law Society

The Resources, Energy and Environmental Law Society (REELS) is an organization for law students that focuses is on learning the current legal implications related to energy and the environment. REELS’ mission is to promote the interests of conservation of energy and natural resources as well as sustainability of the environment and to explore the many ways the practice of law can help to achieve these goals. REELS also provides fellowship among students and faculty, represents student needs and wants concerning energy and environmental issues and provides a forum for the presentation of ideas to benefit the university community. The organization’s main activities include arranging speakers, volunteering, networking, competing and having fun.

Sports & Entertainment Law Society

The Sports & Entertainment Law Society seeks to provide students who have an interest in sports or entertainment law with a mechanism to become involved in and acquire a greater knowledge of the issues in these fields. We provide our members with an insight into various avenues available to them as practicing attorneys, whether that is representation of entertainment and sports figures and entities, practicing in a law firm with an entertainment or sports division or work within a major sporting league.

Tulsa Business Law Society

The mission of the Tulsa Business Law Society (TBLS) is to strengthen the understanding of business law practice for all members. This group connects business law-oriented students with each other, attorneys practicing in the field, and other business professionals. We provide every member with various opportunities to assume leadership roles and responsibilities, enhance professional growth and development through networking events, and promote the highest standards of professional competence and ethical conduct in the business law profession

Women’s Law Caucus

The Women’s Law Caucus focuses on three areas:
1) recruitment and orientation — empowering women in their pursuit of a legal degree and career; 2) curriculum and materials — sharing the current atmosphere of women in the field with members and law students; and 3) placement — bringing guest speakers, mentors, employers and community service partners to campus that allow members to prepare to enter the legal field while serving and supporting the women and community around them. Activities include monthly meetings with guest speakers on topics such as professional growth and issues women face in the legal field; community service partnerships, such as donation drives to DVIS and the Public Defender’s Office as well as facilitating the Women in Recovery Book Club; and attending conferences relevant to female law students and attorneys.