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Summer Bridge Programs

Hurricane Prep Summer Bridge Program

The transition between high school and college can be daunting, but The University of Tulsa’s new Hurricane Prep Summer Bridge Program can help.

The 2024 Hurricane Prep Summer Bridge Program eases the transition from high school to college and gives conditionally approved students the tools they need to succeed in higher education. Participants will either live on campus or commute (based on what they selected to do in the fall) while taking two free TU courses. Tuition, books, housing and meals are covered. All participants should expect to be on campus from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, July 15 through August 16.

Participants will receive notification to enroll in one English, one Math, or the Chemistry class plus the Effective Learning Strategies class.

  • ENGL 1004: Intro to College Writing or ENGL 1033: Exposition and Argumentation and SSC-1021: Effective Learning Strategies
  • MATH 1143: Mathematical Functions or MATH 1163: Precalculus and SSC-1021: Effective Learning Strategies
  • CHEM 1104: Principles of Chemistry and SSC-1021: Effective Learning Strategies

For additional information, view the FAQs below or contact Sheila Givens, director of student success initiatives, retention and persistence, at or 918-631-2865.

  • What is the Hurricane Prep Summer Bridge Program?

    This program is designed to ease the transition from high school to college, allow you to become familiar with campus, make friends, experience TU classes, develop effective learning strategies and earn college credit prior to fall class start. 

  • Who can attend?

    The Hurricane Prep Summer Bridge Program is required of students who were admitted conditionally to The University of Tulsa. Students whose admission is not conditional are now allowed to “opt-in” to the program. Click the section titled “Opt-in Option” for details about this option. Review your offer letter if you are unsure of your admittance status.

  • When is the Hurricane Prep Summer Bridge Program?

    The 2024 program runs from July 15 to Aug. 16. If you plan to live on campus during the program, you will move in on July 14. Details including arrival times, housing locations, etc. will be sent in May.

  • What can I expect?

    You will take your first English or math course, and an “Effective Learning Strategies” course during the program. Classes will meet on weekdays. You will be introduced to academic support services with the expectation that you will utilize those services throughout the program. Evening and weekend programming will be offered to increase familiarity with the TU campus and provide opportunities for you to get to know other students.

  • Will I receive course credit?

    Yes, you will receive a grade for the two courseyou complete through the Hurricane Prep Summer Bridge Program. The credit hours and grades earned will appear on your official TU transcript.

  • How much will it cost?

    You pay nothing to attend the program. TU President Brad Carson is committed to your educational success, so the program is free of charge. Tuition, books, housing and meals are covered by TU during this program (a savings of least $10,000).

  • Where will I live during the program?

    On-campus participants will live in LaFortune House during the Hurricane Prep Summer Bridge Program and throughout their first year on campus. LaFortune House is home to the First-Year Residential Experience living-learning community, which seeks to apply in-class learning with out-of-class experiences that develop well-rounded students.

  • Am I required to live on campus?

    No, participants who plan to live on campus during the fall but live within commuting distance to campus (20-mile radius) may live at home during the program. Students who plan to commute in the fall will be expected to do so during the program. However, commuting students must confirm that they have reliable transportation because daily attendance to both classes is expected.

  • Can I bring my car to campus during the program?

    Yes, you may bring a car to campus during the program but will need to purchase a parking permit. Participants who live on campus during the program should select the LaFortune House lot for residents, or “LH. Participants who commute during the program will need to select a commuter lot optionDetails are available at

  • Can I remain on campus between this program and the start of New Student Orientation?

    Yes, participants who successfully complete the Hurricane Summer Prep Program may continue to live on campus Aug. 17-19. Housing and dining costs incurred through this period will be paid by TU.

  • How can I request an exemption from this program?

    Students may request an exemption from the Hurricane Prep Summer Bridge Program by emailing Sheila Givens, Director of Student Success Initiatives, Retention & Persistence. Students are encouraged to include additional or new information such as an updated transcript showing relevant coursework or an improved GPA, new standardized test scores or a thorough explanation of course history.

  • Opt-in Option

    Up to 20 local students whose admission is not conditional may choose to opt-in to the Hurricane Prep Summer Bridge Program because they think they will benefit from the program. Students who opt-in to the program will pay a fee of $1,000 and will be required to commute throughout the program; otherwise, all aspects of the summer program are the same for all participants.

OASiS Summer Bridge Program for Student-Athletes

The OASiS Summer Bridge Program at The University of Tulsa is a tailored initiative designed to facilitate a seamless transition for incoming student-athletes as they embark on their collegiate journey. Open to selected student-athletes by invitation from their respective head coaches and approved by the athletics compliance office, this program offers a unique opportunity for participants to acclimate to both academic and athletic demands before the Fall term.

Program Objectives

  • Foster a smooth transition to college life, encompassing academic, social, and athletic spheres.
  • Identify and utilize campus resources to promote holistic success.
  • Develop critical thinking, communication, and time management skills.
  • Cultivate mental toughness and goal-setting abilities.

Contact Information

For additional information regarding the OASiS Summer Bridge Program, please contact:

TU STEM Bootcamp

TU’s STEM Bootcamp is an invitational summer bridge program designed for inbound, first-time freshmen pursuing a major in a STEM field. The program is focused on helping students develop their core abilities in math, chemistry, and study skills while introducing them to several STEM-related disciplines. Our goal is to ensure that participating students begin their studies at TU with the motivation, preparation and tools necessary to succeed as freshmen and beyond. The support students receive in the STEM Bootcamp will not only provide instruction, support, and college preparation but also will build confidence along with the skills and strategies necessary for success.

The course meets daily for two weeks in August, with classes and main activities scheduled between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Participation in the STEM Bootcamp is by invitation only, and all required course materials will be provided.

Learn more

Contact Information

For additional information regarding the TU STEM Summer Bridge Program/Bootcamp, please contact:

New Directions Program

TU’s New Directions Program is an invitational, on-campus summer program designed to expose neurodivergent students to the social and academic challenges college life can present, enhance study skills and executive functioning, develop coping strategies, and gain an understanding of the resources available and how to access them. Our goal is to ensure that New Directions participants transition into their studies at TU with motivation and preparation, equipped with the tools necessary to succeed to the point of graduation. TU’s New Directions Program is offered through the office of Student Access and is limited in participants to ensure a small group size and individualized attention.

  • The program starts with early move-in on Sunday, August 4th followed by an opportunity to meet fellow New Directions participants and the staff who will be teaching in the program.
  • New Directions participants who plan to reside on campus in the fall get to move in more than two weeks prior to other entering freshmen. Those who will not be living on campus but instead commuting to the program will be able to get a jump-start on their new routine, determining their commuting route, the time required to get to campus, and the location of their assigned parking lot.
  • New Directions sessions occur for two weeks from August 5th, 2024 to August 16th, 2024, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • The fee for this year’s New Directions Program is $500. This includes campus housing and three meals a day during the weekday programming, with two meals a day provided to resident participants on the weekend in between.

Contact Information

For additional information regarding the New Directions Program, please contact: