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Tutoring Services

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The goal of Tutoring Services at The University of Tulsa is to help undergraduate students build knowledge of their course material and provide support and guidance for the learning process through its team of peer tutors. Tutoring is free and available to all TU undergraduate students.

Tutoring for undergraduate courses is available both in person and online. Students can schedule tutoring appointments through Starfish. The tutoring format varies depending on the date and time as well as individual tutor preference.

To schedule an online tutoring appointment, log into Starfish and go to your Courses tab. If tutoring is available for a course, you will see a box for Tutoring Services beside the instructor information. Use the Schedule Appointment link there to set up a session. You will be prompted to provide details on the help you need and then will have the opportunity to select an available date, time and tutor. You can also schedule an appointment directly with tutors or through the Tutoring Services profile page on Starfish. When scheduling, please check that the course with which you need help is listed on the summary page before confirming; click on Add a Course if it is not.

If you would like to become a tutor, complete the tutor application form and someone from Student Success Initiatives (SSI) will contact you.

Request a Tutor Tutor Application Form

Contact Tutoring Services

Walk-in tutoring labs are located in various locations across campus. Please see below for more information. To contact Tutoring Services, please email tutoring@utulsa.edu or stop by the Tutoring Services Office on the first floor of Hardesty Hall-Holmes Student Center.

Tutoring Services Policies and Procedures

It is our mission to enhance student success and offer academic support to every student seeking tutoring. Tutoring is free and available to all TU undergraduate students. Please note that Tutoring Services does not provide support for graduate-level coursework.

Students can book tutoring sessions for a wide array of courses. Individual sessions are typically one hour in length, and appointments generally must be scheduled a day or more in advance. Students seeking tutoring in a particular course that is not listed on Starfish may contact tutoring@utulsa.edu to inquire about finding a tutor.

The following conditions apply to scheduled one-on-one tutoring sessions (online or in person):

  • Cancellations or rescheduling requests must be submitted at least four hours before a scheduled session is to take place. For last-minute cancellations or no-shows, a warning for the first violation will be issued; afterwards, a fee of $25 will be posted to the student’s account.
  • A maximum of six one-hour tutoring sessions per week may be scheduled at no cost.
  • If additional tutoring sessions are needed for a given week, the student must submit a written appeal providing the reason for the request and the courses for which additional support is required. Appeals must be sent to tutoring@utulsa.edu for review. SSI will notify the student of the number of additional sessions they may book for the specific week concerned. If requests for additional assistance become excessive, SSI will forward the appeals to the respective department chair for which the tutoring is required along with the relevant associate dean. Final approval from both individuals will be required prior to the student being allowed to book the additional session(s).
  • Students who do not adhere to the appeal procedure will incur a $5 charge for each unapproved tutoring session scheduled beyond the six allowed weekly.

Walk-in Tutoring Labs

In addition to scheduled tutoring through Starfish, multiple tutoring lab services provide daily walk-in tutoring on weekdays during the regular academic year. These tutoring centers are staffed by trained and experienced tutors who can help any student enrolled in the core courses served. These services include the Math Lab, Chem Assist, the Biology Help Lab, the Physics Help Lab, and the Nursing Tutoring Lab.

Their primary purpose is to offer support for the foundational courses in their respective areas of study (e.g., Essentials of Algebra through Calculus II; General and Organic Chem; Evolutionary & Organismal Biology and Molecular & Cellular Biology; Introductory and General Physics; general undergraduate nursing courses). Students can drop in without an appointment, obtain one-on-one assistance with a specific topic or problem and then stay on to study or do homework. See below for further information on these services.

We are always eager to receive feedback for program improvement. Please use the buttons below to complete a survey about your experience using either scheduled tutoring or any of the walk-in tutoring labs.

Tutoring session survey Tutoring lab survey

Email questions about tutoring or report problems to tutoring@utulsa.edu.

  • How to Have a Successful Tutoring Session

    Tutoring is most effective when students know exactly what they are using it for. It is important to enter a tutoring session with clear goals and an organized plan of what you would like to accomplish. Here are some tips on how to prepare for your session:

      • Prepare a list of questions you want to ask
      • Bring relevant homework assignments, notes, and course readings
      • Highlight any areas in the material that are particularly challenging for you
      • If you are working on a larger project, bring all related drafts – especially if they include instructor feedback
      • Create a descending list of priorities for multiple problems or challenging concepts
      • Deal with the most difficult (and/or important) material first
      • Arrive early, and make sure in advance that you can access the technology when doing an online session
      • Schedule follow-up appointments as necessary, when you know the next focus area(s)

    Remember that the ultimate purpose of tutoring is to make you a stronger, confident, more independent learner!

  • Math Lab

    The Math Lab is an in-person, walk-in tutoring lab service operating in Keplinger 3265.

    In the fall and spring semesters, all math tutoring up through Calculus II (i.e., MATH 1043, 1143, 1163, 1243, 2014 and 2024) is provided exclusively through the Math Lab during its operating hours. Some Math Lab tutors can assist with higher-level math courses as well. Details on what additional courses each tutor can assist with are listed on the schedule (to be posted in the lab and on Harvey).

    If for any reason the lab service is forced to operate remotely (due to circumstances connected with individual tutors or by university mandate), the Math Lab can be accessed via Harvey. Students who are only able to make use of the service virtually can also arrange to meet with a tutor on shift during standard operating hours. Please reach out to Tutoring Services if you have difficulty doing so or wish to arrange this in advance.

    Spring 2024 Hours
    Monday-Thursday: 9am – 6pm
    Friday: 9am – 3pm

  • Chem Assist

    Chem Assist is an in-person tutoring lab in Keplinger M231 that primarily focuses on support for General Chemistry I and II (CHEM 1013 & 1023), as well as Organic Chemistry I and II (CHEM 3013 & 3023). In the Fall and Spring semesters, all tutoring for these core courses (and their corresponding labs) is available exclusively through Chem Assist during its operating hours. Some tutors are able to help with other, more advanced chemistry courses as well.

    Students do not need an appointment to use the Chem Assist service and can visit anytime during staffed hours to meet with a tutor about questions related to a course.

    If for any reason the lab service is forced to operate remotely (due to circumstances connected with individual tutors or by university mandate), Chem Assist can be accessed via Harvey. Students who are only able to make use of the service virtually can also arrange to meet with a tutor on shift during standard operating hours. Please reach out to Tutoring Services if you have difficulty doing so or wish to arrange this in advance.

    Spring 2024 Hours
    Monday-Thursday: 9am – 6pm
    Friday: 9am – 3pm

  • Biology Help Lab

    Walk-in tutoring for the foundational biology classes is available several days a week in 205 Oliphant Hall. Tutors principally help with Organismal & Evolutionary Biology (BIOL 1603) and Molecular & Cellular Biology (BIOL 1703), but some individuals can help with additional classes such as Genetics, Human Anatomy, and Human Physiology (BIOL 2123, 2153, and 2173).

    Spring 2024 Hours
    Monday: 10am – 3:30pm
    Tuesday: 11am – 1pm, 2pm – 3:30pm
    Wednesday: 10am – 12pm, 2pm – 3:30pm
    Thursday: 10am – 11:30am, 1pm – 3:30pm

  • Physics Help Lab and Supplemental Materials

    The Physics Help Lab service is in Keplinger Hall, located in the Physics department. Tutors working there can help any student currently enrolled in any level of Introductory or General Physics. The service operates out of KEP 1190, or across the hall in the Physics Student Commons if there is a class being held in 1190.

    In addition, students currently enrolled in General Physics I (PHYS 2053) have access to a set of online supplemental study resources. These feature a set of instructional videos focusing on key course concepts, with pre- and post-study assessments provided that cover the various sub-topics. To access the supplemental materials, log into Harvey, go to Courses, scroll to the Assorted Dates section and then look for General Physics I: Supplemental Material. Once there, all materials can be found listed within Course Content.

    Spring 2024 Hours
    Monday-Tuesday: 3pm – 8pm
    Wednesday-Thursday: 4pm – 8pm
    Friday: 1pm – 4pm

  • Nursing Tutoring Lab

    Walk-in tutoring for nursing is available on weekends during the academic year in second-floor conference room 205 of the Student Union. The tutors working the service are able to provide assistance with any undergraduate nursing course.

    Spring 2024 Hours
    Sunday: 2pm – 5pm

  • Tandy Tutoring Lab

    The Tandy Tutoring Lab is available to all students enrolled in computer science and/or computer simulation & gaming courses. The lab is located in Rayzor Hall room 2045.

    Students seeking assistance with their CS and/or CSG courses can drop in anytime during operating hours. Details on the tutors working, their shifts, and the courses they specialize in will be available there.

    Spring 2024 Hours
    12-5 p.m.
    Monday-Wednesday: 5-8 p.m.
    Thursday: 6-8 p.m.

  • Cyber Studies Tutoring Lab

    The Cyber Security department provides tutoring during weekdays for students enrolled in CYB classes. Tutors are available during designated hours in KEP L131 and can help students with any questions they have. Courses supported include CYB 2004, 2013, 3043, 3053, and 3073.

    Spring 2024 Hours
    Monday: 1-4 p.m.
    Tuesday: 12:30-3 p.m.
    Wednesday: 3-4 p.m.

  • Writing Center

    The Helen N. Wallace Writing Center offers one-on-one support services with writing projects to students for any class. To make an appointment or check hours, go to utulsa.mywconline.com.

  • Accounting and CIS Support

    During the school year, the Accounting and Computer Information Systems department has grad assistants working in it that are able to help students with various ACCT and CIS courses. Please email tutoring@utulsa.edu for more details.