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Student success coaches

The Student Success Coaches provide students with a welcoming and responsive place to find support throughout their first year at The University of Tulsa. First-year students are paired with a professional student success coach who engages them in challenging and holistic conversations to help students articulate their goals, identify barriers that hinder their success, develop action plans, and provide accountability to enhance their success.

Every student is assigned a success coach based on their major. Undecided students are also assigned a coach.

We are here to help!

The transition to college is often confusing and challenging with multiple factors impacting student success. Our goal is to empower students through self-discovery and to guide them in developing the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs that lead to success at The University of Tulsa. The Student Success Team is committed to helping students identify their goals and barriers to their success so that students can develop action plans to improve the quality of their life and learning.

Student Success Coaches focus on two main tasks for students:

  1. assist students in learning how to make informed decisions about academic matters including advisement for programs, admission, registration, and related topic areas while maintaining appropriate records; and
  2. proactively engages undergraduate students to provide guidance and support for their personal and professional goals.

The Student Success Coach will serve as the primary point of contact concerning each student’s overall personal and academic growth during their time at TU, and possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to assist with basic academic advising across disciplines and/or colleges plus a deep knowledge of other support services available on campus to support students, including key faculty mentors who can provide invaluable knowledge of specific disciplines and career professionals.

We engage students in purposeful and challenging conversations to identify strengths and gaps in eight holistic focus areas that are linked to persistence to graduation. We ask questions to encourage self-reflection, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Students leave every coaching session with an identified goal and action plan. Student Success Coaches partner with students to provide accountability that moves them forward towards accomplishing their goals.

We can support students in developing skills-based around:

  • Time Management
  • Study Strategies
  • Goal Setting
  • Note Taking Strategies
  • Growth vs Fixed Mindset
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Exam Preparation
  • Utilizing Campus Resources

Learn about our success coaches before you meet. Find out how new students meet with their success coach.