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International Transfer Credit

Transfer Credits

International students can transfer college/university credits to The University of Tulsa.

  • Apply to The University of Tulsa and submit all of the required materials.
  • Ask the registrar at each institution to send your official transcripts to The University of Tulsa.
  • If your transcripts are from a non-U.S. institution, send your course descriptions with certified translations. Advisers may ask for course syllabi as well.
  • A TU adviser will evaluate your courses and tell you how many transfer credits TU will accept. They will also tell you how many credits you will need to complete your degree.

Transfer Credit Eligibility

  • You must complete the final 45 credit hours of your program at The University of Tulsa in order to receive a degree.
  • TU does not require secondary school transcripts if you have successfully completed more than 48 semester hours of academic credit.
  • You must be in good standing at the institutions you have attended.
    • If you have been dismissed or suspended from any college or university, TU will not consider you for admission for at least one year.
    • TU will not apply credit from another college or university during the dismissal period unless approved by the readmitting dean.
  • Students who were dismissed by The University of Tulsa must petition the dean of their college of enrollment for readmission.
  • TU also accepts IB, AP, and A-Level (with department approval) credits, but if you complete these exams in secondary school, you will be considered a freshman.