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International Baccalaureate Students

CCB professor and student

IB Scholarship

For students starting in Fall 2023, TU will award an IB Merit Scholarship of $3,000 per year for IB students who complete the full IB diploma with a high school grade point average of at least 3.0. This scholarship is awarded with full time enrollment for 8 semesters or until you earn your first degree, whichever comes first.

Earn credit for your IB achievements.

The University of Tulsa recognizes the rigor of the International Baccalaureate curriculum by awarding college credit to students who earn the IB diploma or achieve certain scores in the IB program.

At TU, we know what you’re doing — studying late at night, working on science labs and literature assignments, TOK and your Extended Essay and expanding your language skills. We know that you’re studying across a wide curriculum, sometimes in areas that are less comfortable for you than others. We know you’re doing more than anyone else. TU acknowledges your dedication by working hard for you and all IB students. We recognize and reward your effort because we know that you’ll be ready for your college career and your future after college. IB is preparing you, and we want to work with you. Check to see how many credits you can earn.

What’s Next? TU.

We understand the language of IB and because we give IB graduates class credits, you might be able to enter TU as a sophomore. TU is a four-year private university featuring more than 90 areas of undergraduate study through the Kendall College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences, the Oxley College of Health Sciences, and the Collins College of Business. TU also has a Graduate School and a College of Law.

With an 9:1 student-faculty ratio, TU emphasizes personalized treatment and individual support. TU’s emphasis on undergraduate achievement is reflected in the success of its students who earn prestigious scholarships and fellowships. TU students have won more nationally competitive scholarships than all other Oklahoma universities combined including 5 Marshalls, 18 Fulbrights, 9 Trumans, 66 National Science Foundations, 62 Goldwaters and many more.

What could that extra year mean?

You can have more choices than non-IB students. You can finish college a year early. Or, you can do more in college — take an extra study abroad semester, finish a second major or add a minor. It’s your credit, so you tell us what you want to do with it. TU has world-class professors, outstanding academic programs and state-of-the-art facilities. We recognize the importance of balance during your college years, so there are always fun activities outside the classroom.


  • The Value of a TU Education
    • Highly customizable program options include majors, minors, specializations within majors and certificate programs. Combining options for a distinctive personalized education is common at TU.
    • The Honors program explores the key texts and core ideas that have shaped Western civilization through six chronological courses (ancient to modern) that substitute for TU’s required Block courses.
    • The Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge emphasizes advanced study, research and community service.
    • Professional internships place students in real-world work environments where classroom learning is put to practical use.
    • Study abroad opportunities take students to international venues around the world.
    • The International Business and Language program combines a business major and intensive foreign language study in Chinese, French, German, Russian or Spanish equal to that of a language major.
    • Progressive research and study facilities on campus include the Center for Information Security, the Williams Communications Fiber Optic Networking Laboratory, Studio Blue, the Risk Management Center and digital video production labs in Chapman Hall.
    • Third Floor Design is a student-run graphic arts studio that offers the chance to work in an agency-like program that provides graphic design free of charge to area nonprofit organizations.
  • Applying to TU

    Students pursuing the full IB diploma may receive a waiver of the $50 TU application fee with a written request from your school’s IB coordinator. Actual IB exams, scores and your major area of study determine credit for IB. Every attempt is made to make all IB credits count toward your degree, but not all credits will always do so. Please consult the advising office in your specific area of study to find out how your IB credit will apply. General education electives awarded may or may not count toward your specific degree.