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FAQ: Graduate School Admission

Here are some frequently asked questions.

Graduate School Admission

We offer master’s degrees in:

Accountancy (MAcc)
Anthropology (MA)
Athletic Training (MAT)
Biological Science (MS)
Business Administration (MBA)
Business Analytics (MSBA)
Chemical Engineering (MSE, ME)
Clinical Psychology (MA)
Computer Science (MS)
Cyber Security (MS, JD/MS)
Electrical Engineering (ME)
Energy Business (MEB)
English Language and Literature (MA)
Geosciences (MS)
Industrial/Organizational Psychology (MA)
Applied Mathematics (MS)
Mechanical Engineering (MSE, ME)
Museum Science and Management (MA)
Petroleum Engineering (MSE, ME)
Speech-Language Pathology (MS)

We offer Doctor of Philosophy degrees in:

Biological Science
Clinical Psychology
Chemical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
English Language and Literature
Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Mechanical Engineering
Petroleum Engineering

We offer Doctor of Nursing Practice degrees in:

Acute-Care Adult-Gerontology
Family Nurse Practitioner
Nurse Anesthesia
Post-Master’s to DNP Completion

For the full list of graduate programs, click here.

A list of graduate program advisers to contact for more information, click here.

You can apply by filling out an online application. All of the information and materials you will need to apply is available here.

Please note: Even if you apply online, you can still submit many of your supporting application materials on paper, if necessary. However, electronic versions are preferred. Applications cannot be fully processed and a decision rendered until you submit all required materials.

For a full list of tuition rates by program type, visit https://utulsa.edu/tuition-aid/tuition-costs/.

Some costs are variable and depend on your needs as well as whether you are an international student or a citizen of the United States. For a breakdown of the costs, click here.

In general, full-time graduate students should expect to pay tuition and fees of about $26,928 for the academic year and living expenses totaling approximately another $21,550. International students not on an assistantship or fellowship must be able to document available funds totaling at least $6,664. Some programs with required summer enrollment may have higher associated costs. Please note: International students are required to pay the International Student fee. All students are required to have documented health insurance.

It depends on whether you are a full- or part-time student and whether you are seeking a master’s degree or a Ph.D. Most master’s degrees are expected to take 2 1/2 years if you are a full-time student. Most Ph.D. degrees take between 3-6 years to earn. The University of Tulsa Graduate School has a statute of limitations of 6 years for the completion of a graduate degree.

Specific questions about particular graduate degree timelines and expectations should be directed to the particular program’s graduate advisor. To access a list of program advisors, click here.

The University of Tulsa offers an array of merit- and need-based financial assistance. There are several university-wide assistantships and fellowships, some of which do not have a service requirement. The deadline to apply for many of these awards is January 15, for the following academic year. In addition, most departments offer teaching or research assistantships. The deadline to apply for these assistantships is February 1, for the following academic year. These forms of aid are generally merit-based.

Need-based aid is distributed through the university’s Financial Aid Office.

International students, please note: In order to attend The University of Tulsa Graduate School, you must submit a Confirmation of Financial Resources (CFR) stating that you have sufficient funds to attend TU. To login to view your CFR, click here. Financial assistance for first year international students is rare.

After the Graduate School receives your application we will send you regular emails that list application materials the Graduate School is still missing or inform you that your application is complete. It is your responsibility to ensure we receive all missing materials.

For application requirements for all students, click here.

Application processing time varies by program, so be sure to talk with your faculty adviser to determine the expected timeline. International students who require visas should allow at least three months for completed processing of all paperwork. International applicants should submit completed applications as soon as possible to ensure required immigration paperwork can be processed in a timely manner if you are accepted.