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Admitted Student Checklist


You’ve been admitted to The University of Tulsa.

Below is a check list of items that need to be completed prior to the first day of class.



First steps after receiving offer of admission

Next steps for accepting the offer

  • Submit Intent to Enroll Form and Enrollment Deposit

    We hope you’ve decided to make TU your home and look forward to welcoming you to the Golden Hurricane family! Please submit the Intent to Enroll form and Enrollment Deposit to let us know you’ll be accepting your offer of admission.

    You will need your Tracker log in credentials (email and password) to log in.

  • Request accessibility resources

    Applying for Accommodations

    • Submit the Student Accommodation Request
    • Ask a qualified health care provider to either submit the Accommodation Verification Form and/or submit their own report documenting the conditions/diagnoses, functional limitations, and recommended accommodations.  Download and/or print the Student Accommodation Verification Form (to be completed by Psychiatrist/Psychologist/Diagnosing Physician/Licensed Health Care Provider
    • For requests for assistance animals, students should also ask their health care provider to fill out the Recommendation for Assistance Animal Form.  Download and print the Confidential Recommendation for an Assistance Animal (to be completed by Diagnosing Physician)

    For more information, visit the webpage.

  • Notify other schools of your decision

    Once you have decided to attend The University of Tulsa, it is important to notify the other colleges and universities to which you were admitted letting them know you won’t be attending their institution and that you wish to withdraw your application.

    Your communication can be a simple email to the Office of Admission. Below is some language you may copy and paste to use in your correspondence.

    Dear {{admission counselor name}},

    I am writing to inform you that I have committed to The University of Tulsa and would like to withdraw my application from {{school name}}.

    I appreciate your help during my college search.


    {{your full name}}

Final steps after committing to TU