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U.S. federal tax forms are due April 15. If your student has not already submitted a tax form, remind your student to take care of this as soon as possible! International Student Services offers free access to an online tax preparation program. Your student must pick up a login from the ISS office.

Summer plans

The spring semester will be over in just a few weeks! April is the time to discuss summer plans with your student. Will your student return home during the summer or stay in the U.S.? Does your student plan to take summer classes at TU? Some students enroll in summer courses to catch up in difficult subjects, while others take summer classes to get a head start on the next year of study. Summer enrollment is optional; available summer courses are listed online here.

Summer and fall class registration

Students must meet with an advisor before enrolling in fall or summer classes. Remind your student to make an appointment with the advisor in advance.

I-20 Signed for travel

Students with an F-1 visa who will leave the USA during the summer must have their I-20 signed by the International Student Services office before leaving campus. The signature is valid for one year. If a student leaves the U.S. without a valid signature on the I-20, the student may not be allowed to re-enter the U.S. Students planning to travel should submit their I-20 to the International Student Services office in April. It may take up to 2 weeks for the I-20 to be returned. Students cannot travel without an I-20. Remind your student to plan ahead! If your student plans to leave the U.S. during the summer, make sure your student’s visa is valid for returning to the U.S. If your student will need a new visa in order to return, check how long it will take to obtain another visa before your student decides to leave the U.S. Make sure your student’s passport will be valid at least 6 months into the future when they re-enter the U.S.

Summer housing

Students who have a residence hall room assignment for the upcoming fall and are enrolled in at least one summer class may stay in a residence hall during the summer. Summer housing charges apply. Typically the summer residence hall application opens in April. Students must be enrolled in summer classes to stay in a residence hall during the summer. Students who have a campus apartment reserved for fall and need to stay on campus during the summer should notify the campus housing office as soon as possible to determine whether their assigned apartment is available for the summer. Summer apartment charges apply, but summer enrollment is not required for apartment residents.

Arrange storage for belongings if needed

Students may not leave any belongings in a residence hall during summer break periods. Students must take everything with them when they check out of their residence hall. Storage space off campus can be rented from a local storage company during the summer. Talk with your student about whether you will need to rent storage space outside campus. Residence halls will close on May 10, right after final exams. Encourage your student to plan ahead with storage and packing to avoid extra stress during finals week!

Reading days and final exams

April 28-29 are set aside as “Reading days”. Final exams take place April 30 – May 7.