December - The University of Tulsa
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Holiday Events

There are only two short weeks before your student will be finished with the first semester! These two weeks are packed with not only studying but also holiday celebrations. Special events and parties will be announced on university video boards, email and social media.

Reading days and final exams

Before final exams begin, students are given a dedicated time to study called “Reading Days.” No classes are held on December 10 and 11 so your student can focus on reviewing course material and reflecting on what has been learned during the semester. Final exams are scheduled from December 12-19. Exams are not necessarily held at the same time as regular class meetings. Your student should check the exam schedule carefully.

Final grades

As final grades are made available by professors, students can check their results online by logging in to WebAdvisor.

Residence hall closing

Most residence halls close on December 20. Make sure your student has plans to depart from campus by the deadline or has made advance arrangements with the housing office if a room assignment is needed during the break. No food services are available on campus from December 20 to January 12. We encourage your student to take advantage of the vacation to return home, stay with friends or travel for sightseeing. Students may leave belongings in their campus rooms during the three-week break.

In case of emergency 

Call campus security at 918-631-5555 while offices on campus are closed.

University holiday closing

The University of Tulsa will be closed from December 22 through January 1. Students will not be able to reach faculty or staff for assistance during this time. If your student has any needs or questions regarding housing, payments, enrollment or immigration, they must contact the appropriate office before December 21.

Readjustment at home

Many students can’t wait to get home for the break. They look forward to seeing family and friends, sleeping in their own bed and eating all their favorite foods. University life is busy, especially at the end of the semester, so your student may be quite tired upon arriving home. Your student may also have a different attitude towards the break than you do. At university, your student has learned to be independent and control his or her own time. This can cause a conflict about fitting into the family pattern at home. Communicating with your student about expectations before he
or she returns home can help avoid tension in the family and help everyone enjoy the time back together.