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Payments and financial matters

Tuition and fees are charged per semester; payment or payment arrangements are due prior to the beginning of each semester. You may pay the amount in full or participate in the university’s monthly payment plan. Billing statements for the fall semester will be available in early July for university students and in late August for Intensive English students. Please note that scholarships may not be posted until the first day of class. View billing statements online through the TU portal. Your student may need to log in and go to “View and Pay Account.” Your student can add an authorized user to give parents access to the account. Make arrangements for your student to have sufficient funds available upon arrival in Tulsa to cover university costs, as well as moving-in expenses, taxi, hotel room (if needed), housing or utility deposits, food, etc. The university accepts credit cards (Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover), debit cards, cash, checks drawn on a U.S. bank, and wire transfer payments. Students age 18 and up may open a local bank account upon arrival. Be sure you know and understand your government’s regulations on transferring funds to the United States. Review the “Money Matters” insert in your student’s admission packet for more details on payment methods and financial matters. Talk to your student about finances. Be clear about how much money your student has each month. Help your student understand your expectations, how to plan spending and when to ask you for help.

Emotional expectations

Your excitement and joy about the opportunities ahead for your student may be mixed with a sense of loss as your student prepares to leave home. Talk to a friend or another parent as you go through this experience.
Your student may want to spend a lot of time with friends before leaving. Your student will also have mixed emotions. Sometimes your student may insist on independence and at other times he or she will need to feel your care and support.

Stay connected

Students need to feel connected to their families and know they are being supported even from a distance. Here are some ways to stay connected after your student leaves home:

  • Text a simple message to let your student know you are thinking about him or her.
  • Schedule regular appointments to connect via phone, WhatsApp, FaceTime, or WeChat. Discuss expectations about how soon your student will respond to messages from you.
  • Ask open-ended questions that demonstrate care and compassion.
  • Offer support and encouragement that will help build your student’s confidence to proceed through challenges on their own.

Tips for academic success

Talk to your student about his or her academic goals and set realistic expectations. Share the following suggestions for being successful in TU’s challenging academic environment:

  • Attend class regularly so as not to miss important information, assignments and materials.
  • Build relationships with professors by visiting during office hours and participating in projects outside the classroom.
  • Get involved in student organizations to expand your friend base and to become a leader on campus.
  • Manage time well and view studies as a “full-time job.”

Student privacy in the USA (FERPA)

Universities in the United States are required by law to keep students’ educational records private. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) protects student educational records and limits access to the information contained in those records. This means that only the student can access information such as grades, wellness, and disciplinary issues. The university cannot share this information with parents unless the student gives written permission. Students can complete a Request to Share Information form to allow the university to share information with parents, sponsors, or any other person the student chooses. The Request to Share Information (FERPA) form will be completed by your student after arrival, during the required Immigration Check-in appointment with International Student Services.