March - The University of Tulsa
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The weather in Oklahoma begins to warm up in March but can also be quite unpredictable. Some days are sunny while others are cool and cloudy. Thunderstorms are common at this time of year so students should keep an umbrella or rain jacket handy.

Mid-term exams

Your student may be feeling academic pressure as mid-term exams are coming up. Encourage your student to plan ahead for study time and to use campus resources such as:

  • The International Student Success Center
  • Tutoring – Encourage your student to sign up for tutors at the Center for Student Academic Support (CSAS) or set up study groups early.
  • Academic Support workshops – CSAS offers programs to help students prepare for exams, take notes, practice listening comprehension and overcome test anxiety.

Daylight savings time

On March 8 the U.S. will set clocks forward by one hour. When you schedule calls with your student, don’t forget the time has changed!

Spring break

March 16-20 is the Spring Break holiday for students. Students from the U.S. often use this time to travel with friends or to go home and see family. Residence halls will stay open and students may choose to stay on campus. The dining hall is closed during this week, but the food court in the Student Union will stay open. University offices will be open during regular business hours, although some faculty and staff will be on vacation.

Working on campus

Your student’s main “job” at The University of Tulsa is to complete a degree program. Keep in mind the time needed to attend class and complete assignments. Consider clubs and organizations which give your student opportunities to gain experience in practical areas such as teamwork, communication and leadership. Students who can manage extra responsibilities and would like a job on campus must be sure to follow U.S. visa laws. Students on an F-1 visa are allowed to work on the university campus up to 20 hours per week. Students on a J-1 visa must get permission from the International Student Services office before taking a job on campus.

Working off campus is strictly controlled by U.S. law. In general, students on an F-1 visa may not work outside the campus. Students with an F-1 or J-1 visa who are interested in off-campus work or internships should make an appointment with International Student Services for help understanding U.S. regulations. For both F-1 and J-1 visas, any internship or off-campus work during a student’s time of study must be approved in advance by the International Student Services office in compliance with U.S. government regulations. Students with other visa types are responsible for knowing and following all laws related to their visa, including laws related to whether or not they may work in the U.S.

Prepare for fall enrollment

Enrollment in fall classes will begin the second week of April for first-year students. Now is the time to make sure all scheduled payments have been made. If any scheduled payments are late, the student’s record will have a “hold” and the student may not enroll until the amount due is paid. Your student can check the account balance online under “View and Pay my Account.”