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Leadership TU

McFarlin reading room


Leadership TU is President Carson and Provost George Justice’s yearlong program for selected first-year TU students. Within this vibrant community, students receive exclusive access to prominent guest speakers, learn about life design, and develop their leadership knowledge and skills. Sessions take place approximately twice per month, presenting abundant growth opportunities for all actively engaged participants.

Program Goals

Students completing Leadership TU will achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Examine multiple attributes of impactful leaders and levels of leadership
  • Consider multiple attributes of effective teams including team formation and dynamics
  • Work collaboratively and purposefully within various teams
  • Communicate confidently and persuasively with other leaders and team members
  • Identify personal values, purpose, and mission to guide ongoing personal and professional development


Open to incoming first-year (both freshman and transfer sophomore) students. Grade-point averages and test scores are not considered during the selection process.

Application Requirements


Terrie Shipley
Director of National Fellowships
Schedule a meeting with Terrie